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Couple Wait In Hospital, Then Capture Disturbing Scene From Nurse That Quickly Goes Viral

When former US. Marine Stephen McMenamin and his wife Hana were at the VA hospital in Durham, North California they had expected to go in to receive treatment for Stephen’s extreme lower back pain. They ended up witnessing a series of events so shocking that they had to share the incident to Facebook. They simply could not believe what they were witnessing as they sat in the waiting room.

Also in the waiting room was a veteran in a wheelchair who had been in in the waiting room for hours. He had been leaning over, clutching his chair, and yelling out in pain. Hana explained that no one paid him any attention until she asked a nurse to see if he was alright.

Just when they thought it was over, another man came into the waiting room and was in so much pain that he was unable to sit or breathe properly, however the nurse told him to have a seat. Since Stephen was sitting in a chair that could recline, he offered it up to the older man but after fifteen minutes the nurse told him he could no longer sit there. After the couple asked the nurse why he couldn’t sit in the reclining chair, she refused to answer their question and walked away. The man was in so much pain that he eventually ended up lying on the floor.

Hana and Stephen said that the nurse had treated the man in a rude manner, and they were in such disbelief at the treatment these patients were receiving that they posted the photos along with a lengthy caption to Facebook. To Hana’s surprise it went viral. It was shared over 100,000 times.

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