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24 Couples Who Won’t Let Their Marriage Become a Routine

A lot of married couples don’t realize that the key to happiness is to keep your marriage fresh. To do this you need to break out of routine as a couple. It can become monotonous to wake up, go to your job, come home, eat dinner, and do the same things over and over again with your partner.

The happiest couples who make their marriages last find different ways to keep their love fresh, funny and playful. Being playful means that you’re having fun, and if you aren’t having fun together, why stay married? Whether it be a spontaneous date night to a rock climbing gym, to pulling pranks on your significant other, or perhaps just a change in scenery.

The following 24  couples found unique ways to prevent their marriage from becoming a routine and learned how to keep their marriage fresh.

1) Why So Serious?: Posing for wedding photos or photos, in general, is fun. It’s important to take one good one for your parents, but why not have a little fun together? You don’t need to be completely serious all the time in all of your photos. Loosen up and live a little. You cannot go through life expecting to never laugh with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The most important lesson in any marriage is to loosen up, laugh together, and enjoy every moment. Don’t let mundanity take over your lives. Promise yourself that the next photo you take together, you’ll try your best to make it a silly and enjoyable time.

2) Place Funny Bets: Do you enjoy this husband’s dainty toes? This husband’s wife bet that she could shave her husband’s foot without waking him up. The husband didn’t believe her and took this bet. He woke up to see his foot shaved, and his nails painted so beautifully. Bravo wife! This is beautiful. This is an excellent example of keeping things fresh and silly in a relationship.

3) Teensy Blanket: This man’s wife decided to crochet a blanket for the household. She got this far and gifted her husband with the new blanket. Her husband does not look amused, but you can tell from his acceptance to pose for the photo that these two enjoy being a couple together. He’s accepting of her silliness.  


4) Surprise Gifts: This man’s wife surprised him with the gift of socks. Not just any socks, however, socks that look exactly like her husband. Funny gifts like this are a great way for couples to surprise each other and put a smile on each other’s faces. This guy looks unimpressed, but secretly he’s very happy his wife was thinking about him when she purchased these socks!



5) Underwear Pics: This wife’s husband requested a picture of her in her underwear. Her response? Absolutely priceless. She took a pair of her underwear and suited up their family dog for the occasion. This is a funny way of pranking your S/O and also showing that it’s okay to be playful in other ways too.


6) Couples Costumes: A great way to feel a fun connection with your significant other is to dress up in a unique couples costume. This couple dressed up as Indiana Jones and his father from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. They went all-out together and created a memory together that will last a lifetime!

7) Old Shirts: This man really loves his shirt. So much so that he insists on wearing it, despite its worn, haggard and stained appearance. In a last-ditch effort to appease his wife, he wrote a digital message over the shirt in hopes to win her over into keeping it. We aren’t sure of her reaction, but how can you deny a smiling face like that? You can keep this gift for yourself, Santa.

8) Cooking Experiments: One great way to break out of routine when it comes to your marriage is to experiment with new cooking recipes together. Unfortunately, some experiments don’t turn out quite like you’d expect. This man decided to cook a “giant meatball with spaghetti” inside, but it looks more like a meatball filled with maggots. Hardly appetizing at all. At least he gets an ‘A’ for effort.

9) Cooking Experiments II: This man thought he could wow his wife by cooking chicken with rice, but the whole thing took on a very “dead turtle” type of appearance. Again, he gets an ‘A’ for effort. This kind of thing is a funny memory that will last you for ages. It’s funny how the great recipes we tend to forget, but the really triumphant failures tend to etch their way into our memories forever. This is a great example of a couple who likes to have fun.

10) April Fools Pranks: This woman put a large sign on the back of her husband’s car in hopes to confuse the heck out of him all day on April 1st. Imagine driving down the road with people honking at you, yelling out your name, and they’re all complete strangers? We’d have an absolute freak out. I bet when “Aaron” found out he had a good chuckle. This is a great way to brighten anyone’s day.

11) Testing The Limits: Sometimes it’s fun to test your spouse’s limits when it comes to humor. It’s never okay to disrespect your spouse, but if it’s a little thing, finding humor is always preferable. After having a “no socks on the floor” discussion with his wife, this husband decided to find an immediate loophole in her argument. It’s all in good fun, but seriously just put your socks in the hamper…

12) Catching Your Spouse Doing Something Funny: A great way to keep things fresh in your marriage is to catch your spouse doing something embarrassing or humiliating, take a picture and post it on the internet. She will really appreciate the humor behind it, and immediately thank you for helping the world see her true self. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re being sarcastic. Don’t make fun of your spouse online. This might keep things interesting, but it’s not a great way to keep things fresh.

13) Beer Advent Calendar: Tired of the same old holiday traditions and routines? Why not spice things up this holiday season and gift your significant other with a beer advent calendar! This is a great way for you and your spouse to trade off on beer days, sip some great spirits and add a little more holly-jolly to your holidays.

14) Shower Prank: This gentleman’s wife wanted a “toasty shower” so that’s exactly what he provided. We can only imagine the look on his wife’s face when she stepped in to take a shower. It’s a colossal waste of bread, but can you say that it might be worth it? Perhaps…

15) Leave Silly Notes Around The House: A great way to spice things up in your daily routine is to add a bunch of silly notes for your S/O around the house. This man decided to let his wife know that he was out of cigarettes and he was out to get more. Gross habit aside, it’s a funny way of communicating that he was out for a short time.

16) Capture The Silly Moments: This man’s wife had to undergo an ultraviolet treatment. He wanted to remember this moment forever so he captured it through his camera. His wife was okay with it as well. It was mutually agreed that this was a memorable moment for them both. It’s okay to be silly together.

17) Announcements: This wife decided to watch her husband go on an emotional roller coaster. Her first announcement alludes to her potential adultery. The second alludes to a strange living situation in the works. The third finally reveals that the wife is having a baby, or possibly even twins! This is an especially great way of keeping things fresh in your marriage!

18) Romantic Bath: This husband requested that his wife make a romantic bath for the two of them when he got home. Little did he know that she had other plans for him! To finally do the dishes! This shows that she requires her husband to maybe put a little more effort around the house while also being really funny about it!

19) Sandwich Mistake: This husband took a photo of a sandwich his wife prepared for him while she got her and the kids ready for work. He isn’t making fun of her here or criticizing her. Reportedly he is admiring her attempt and praised her for being a great mother. He did, however, find it funny nevertheless that she packed him two slices of bread rather than finish his sandwich. He vowed to make her lunch the next day!

20) Surprise Puppies!: This husband decided to surprise his wife with the dog that she always wanted. A great way to spice things up in any marriage is to get a household pet if you can’t quite decide to have kids right away. A lot of married couples who enjoy committing to each other, also enjoy acquiring their first pet together. Animals, especially puppies have a great way of adding new life to any marriage as long as they aren’t a band-aid to a broken relationship.


21) Prankster Husband: This man decided to prank anyone who enters his home by telling the world what awful people he lives with. Isn’t he funny saying how bad his wife is? Also making fun of his kids? What a fantastic way to entertain everyone. Juuuust kidding! Don’t do this either. This kind of prank might be funny for a week, but you better start praising your S/O immediately after.

22) See-Through Shower: This husband was in charge of buying a new shower curtain for his household. He wanted to admire his wife while she takes showers because he thinks she’s the prettiest thing in the world. She might not have been impressed, but she was definitely flattered. Then she made him go buy another one.

23) Fun Portraits: This family decided to spice things up and break from routine by sending out a ridiculous face-swap Christmas card back in 2013. A great way to have family fun and break with routine is to pose for ridiculous holiday cards like this. Perhaps you can even start a brand new family tradition!


24) Air Freshener Prank: This husband decided to “augment” his wife’s air freshening spray by adding a dilophosaurus cut out to the spray head. Now every 15 minutes this creature “spits venom” throughout the house. We wonder how long it’ll be before his wife finds out. This is a perfect example of keeping things fresh … literally in a marriage.


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