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Courtney Love Had An Ominous Warning About Harvey Weinstein 12 Years Ago


A video has resurfaced featuring actress and singer Courtney Love speaking out against Harvey Weinstein back in 2005. The video was an interview featuring Love speaking on the carpet for a Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson.

During the interview, Love was asked to speak about any advice she’d give to young Hollywood hopefuls, Courtney Love’s response was, “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party at the Four Seasons, don’t go.” At the time, many speculated her words were more of a humorous tone, but recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein paint a very different picture.

Since the New York Times published an article about 8 settlements that happened out of court with Harvey Weinstein’s alleged victims, dozens of celebrities have taken to social media and public interviews to speak out against his actions and recount their own personal encounters with the man.

Now, as decades pass between personal accounts against Harvey Weinstein, an interview resurfaced, featuring Courtney Love calling out Weinstein’s actions back in 2005. The interview has got a lot of attention on social media, some from even top Hollywood personalities.

Twitter personality and Reality TV star, Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) spoke out about the interview that resurfaced, quoting Love herself.

Even the interviewer, who originally spoke with Love, Natasha Leggero (@natashaleggero) recognizes the warning Courtney Love had for everyone years ago.

Twitter user CommentaTRICKS (@ms_radorable) brings to light that Love’s comments were likely dismissed years ago, resulting in future victims.

Actress Asia Argento (@AsiaArgento), who starred in xXx, and Marie Antoinette spoke out about the Courtney Love’s comments on her own twitter account.

Even producer, director, and writer Judd Apatow, whose crass comedies including 40-Year-Old Virgin, Bridesmaids, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, Pineapple Express, and many more, expressed his concern, letting everyone know that Courtney warned everyone.

Twitter user Scott Slinker (@scott_slinker) calls Courtney Love a Warrior with his response.

c7Twitter | @scott_slinker

Aside from the 8 women who settled out of court, the allegations against Harvey Weinstein have been represented by many different Hollywood actors, including Rose McGowan, Marion Cotillard, Emma Thompson, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts, Kate Beckinsale, Annette Benning, Tom Hanks, and Gwyneth Paltrow. There are many more people coming out to speak from their own perspective, and the list grows each day.


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