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14 Low-Cost Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Nest of Comfort

The winter months can be dreary for those of us living in northern climates, and it’s nice to come back to a comfortable, cozy house. These 14 cute, cozy DIY projects will make winter’s chill a little easier to live with.

1. Sweater pillows: Update your tired pillows with covers made from your old, unworn sweaters. All you really need to do is tuck the pillow inside the sweater, cut off the top and arms, and sew the two openings together. And if the thought of sewing makes you break out in hives you can use iron-on fabric tape, a bonding agent that sticks two pieces of fabric together with a careful ironing.

2. Cabinet Door Tray: With a fresh coat of paint, some strategic wood-filler to fix any holes, and a set of handles attached to either side, a cabinet door becomes a tray table you can use to work from the comfort of your bed!

3. Simple hoop canopy: A canopy sounds like an expensive luxury but, with a little DIY know-how, you can make one from light fabric attached to an embroidery hoop or hula-hoop. A ceiling-mounted hook will let you hang it directly on your bed or cozy chair

4. Pom-Pom rug: Okay, this one is a little more time-consuming than most of the others, but it’s really inexpensive and fairly simple. You can make wrapped pom-poms using the method shown below, or you can buy Pom-poms at the store. Once you’ve got your pom-poms, all you need to do is sew them to a mat of your desired size until it’s all filled with pom-poms. Either way, it’s a cozy, adorable accent to a room.

5. Masking tape art: want to decorate your walls without the commitment or mess of paint? Tape is a great way to get a fun look with minimal time, money, or artistic talent. Just make sure that the tape peels off without taking the paint with it, first!

6. DIY wall organizer: It’s hard to feel cozy in a space that has stuff everywhere This one requires a little sewing (or fabric-taping), but it’s worth it for its adorable utility. Plus, it can be easily done in many styles and colors, from cute soft pink and white to an elegant canvas with a pop of color.

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