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Cranberries Lead Singer Dolores O’Riordan Is Dead At 46

When you think of the quintessential musical sound of the early 90s, most people’s first response will always be The Cranberries. With heavy hearts, it has been announced that the lead singer Dolores O’Riordan has passed away at age 46. Her publicist informed the public of the death of the Cranberries lead singer on Monday, January 16th following a police report that stated that a woman in her 40s was found dead in her hotel room.

The police are not treating her death as suspicious, though details of how she died have not yet been released. Anyone who has ever listened to The Cranberries immediately gets hooked on Dolores’s melodic and angelic voice. Her music inspired generations of people in the 90s, right up to the new millennium.

I remember my sister getting ready for high school fairly early every morning, and The Cranberries were always a staple sound in our household. Originally from a town called Ballybricken in Limerick, Ireland, the alternative rock band quickly rose to fame in the early 90s after the release of their album Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Don’t We? which featured songs like Dreams and Linger that quickly dominated the charts.

Known for her melodic yodeling and Irish accent, Dolores became a musical icon. Her music was featured in movies, and television, but The Cranberries’ second album, No Need To Argue solidified their success as the undeniable musical sound of the 90s. With songs like Ode To My Family, and of course Zombie, no teenager growing up in this time was without a Cranberries CD. It was announced that Dolores passed in her London hotel room while visiting the city for another recording session.

In 2014 Dolores was arrested for an in-flight rage incident while traveling from New York to Shannon. She reportedly head-butted an officer, shouting that she was the “Queen of Limerick” but later apologized for the incident. Dolores claimed that stress from a recent trip to New York City, as well as the end of her 20-year marriage to former band manager Don Burton, was to blame for her outburst.

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