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12 Weird And Quirky Facts About Lipstick

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While many of us makeup enthusiasts have an endless supply of lipstick colors to wear with any outfit, not too many of us know about the weird and interesting history stored away inside our favorite lipstick tubes. Created by a French cosmetic company in 1884, the first lipstick was created with:

  • Deer tallow
  • Castor oil
  • And beeswax

Despite the odd list of original ingredients, lipstick became a staple in everyone’s makeup bag.

Here are 12 weird facts about lipstick that you probably never knew about.

1. Averaging the amount of money that women spend on makeup in their lifetime, researchers suggest that $15,000 is dedicated to cosmetic and beauty products while $1,780 goes solely to lipstick.

1Frederique Veysset

2. After World War One, chemist Hazel Bishop formulated smudge proof lipstick that changed the slippery mess of lipstick wearing forever.

3. Start saving up now if you ever want to purchase the most expensive lipstick in the world, with a heavy price tag of $62,000. Made from 110 grams of 18k gold and embellished with 199 diamonds, this lipstick is definitely a little tube of a lot of luxury.

4. In 1912, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman used lipstick as a liberating tool while walking in the NYC Suffragette rally with other like minded feminists who sported the bold lip.

4Pinterest / Brydie Beauty

5. Back in Ancient Egypt, men and women wore lipstick, usually in red, orange, or bluish shades, as a representation of their social status.

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6. Just like the glam squads of today, if you were a wealthy women in Ancient Rome, you most definitely had someone apply your lipstick for you everyday. These artists were called ‘cosmatae’ who painted the faces of high status women.

6Pinterest / Stylecaster

7. Winston Churchill kept lipstick production rolling because he thought it boosted morale during the uneasy time of World War Two.

7Pinterest /

8. Along with deer tallow and beeswax, animal fat, sheep sweat, and ox marrow were all normal ingredients used to make red lipstick.

8Pinterest /

9. On average, men tend to look at women who wear a red lipstick for longer periods of time than women who wear a pink lipstick or women with bare lips.

9Pinterest / Brydie Beauty

10. Although we know that lipstick can magically transform a look, people in England during the 1500s believed that lipstick literally had magical powers, so much so that Queen Elizabeth was a firm believer that lipstick had healing potentials.

10Pinterest / Linda Sims

11. That beautiful sheen on your favorite lipstick could actually be the result of fish scale ingredients to achieve that mesmerizing pout.

11Pinterest / Osmaira Munoz

12. The New York Board of Health wanted to ban lipstick in the 1920s because there was a severe concern that kissing a woman with lipstick would have dangerous, and poisonous, consequences.

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