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Cleaners Share Stories About The Craziest Thing They Have Found In Someone’s House


Dirty toilets, messy carpets, cluttered basements, soiled beds… these are just some of the things many house and industrial cleaners have to deal with on a daily basis.

You would think that by opening up your household to a cleaning service, that you’d ensure you’d hide any embarrassing or strange items you wouldn’t want most people to find. Unfortunately, for some house cleaning services, this isn’t always the case. Imagine getting a call to someone’s home that needs to be cleaned. You walk into the place with your cleaning supplies. Everything seems fine and dandy until you move on to the kitchen. There you find several dozen fruit flies, rotting food, and something in the corner garbage can is wiggling. But that isn’t the weirdest part. Sitting in the corner is a massive pet python!

The following 24 stories were shared on a recent Reddit thread, that allowed users with cleaning backgrounds to share the most bizarre, strange, disgusting and outrageous things they’ve found while cleaning for their clients. Some of these might seem quite shocking, so you have been warned!

1. Really Dirty Carpets: I was a carpet cleaner for a company that was local, and we did pet urine treatments and got a lot of requests. We went to people’s apartments where the landlord requested a cleaning or they’d be evicted. So we went and opened the door, and the smell of cat urine was so strong one of my coworkers nearly fainted. We took out a black light and when you look up animal accidents they turn green. Well, the entire floor was green, including messes of other kids. We told them not to call us again. (Reddit user: ShayminOP)


2. A Very Large Doll: My BF works for a residential window cleaning company. One time he was at a guy’s house, who was probably in his late 50s. He goes up into a room upstairs where the door is already open to clean the windows. He opens the door and sees a naked young woman laying on the bed asleep. He rushes out of the room and apologizes, but she never works up. So he goes to another room. Everything seems normal, but shortly after, the man walks into the other room, picks up the woman and shoves her in a hallway closet. BF gets a better look and sees that it’s actually a realistic adult pleasure doll. (Reddit user: unsureaboutlifefml)

3. Secrets Under the Sofa: I used to work as a housekeeper for very wealthy clients. We were sent to houses in large teams because the homes were massive and needed a team effort. There was this one place with a really, mean trophy wife who always ordered us around and talked to us like we were lower than dirt. One day she asked us to go into her husband’s “man cave” and clean it. She asked us to put any loose change or anything we find under the cushions out for her on the coffee table. Sometime later, one of my teammates shouts to come see what she found. Under the soft, was a massive treasure trove of adult entertainment. Like she requested, we left it all neatly arranged on the coffee table for her. That was the last time we cleaned that home. (Reddit user: sweepingpines)

4. Cleaning Up Scams: I was tasked to clean and remove the belongings of a tenant being evicted. Nothing could have prepared me for what was in store. There was food smeared on the walls, garbage and refuse everywhere…it was awful. I cleaned and threw away all the garbage, and then noticed more and more bizarre items among the filth. Dozens of safety deposit keys, twenty or so empty wallets, and wallets with various IDs and cards. Lots of different social security cards. Fake college degrees, and a Nigerian passport. Warrants for arrests… etc etc. I was disturbed and reported it to my supervisors. (Reddit user: Resias)

5. Small Hoarding Problem:  Back in high school, we went on mission trips every summer with my youth group. We were assigned to an elderly man’s house to help work and clean up the property. Well, nobody knew how bad it was until we saw it for ourselves. The man was an extreme hoarder, with straight up piles of garbage waist high throughout his house. One girl went into a frenzy dry heaving just from taking one step inside. The mess was unbearable. He even had jars of waste collected in the bathroom. 8 hours later, we filled 25 contractor-sized garbage bags. As we finished up, the man was very upset and did not want the garbage taken off his property. (Reddit user: Willy8257)

6. Closet Surprise: The cleaner who works in my office got referred to clean the house of one of our contractors. He’s a scary, intimidating man, who smokes a lot and his apartment was filthy. When she arrived he told her to stay out of one of the closets. She started vacuuming and opened the door to get all the carpet. Suddenly, a REAL DOLL falls out on her. She asked God what she did wrong to get that job. (Reddit user: Cornloaf)

7. Dog Droppings Holiday: One time that blew my mind was when I arrived at a property to find my cleaning team clearing out dog droppings from every room in a holiday rental cottage. Who on earth goes on vacation and spends the entire time stepping over their dog’s waste? Makes you wonder what their home must be like. (Reddit user: TheSump)

8. The Booger Wall: On summer vacations from school I worked in a factory. It was great money. One particular summer, they put me on janitor duty and I had to clean one of the bathrooms on a side of the factory I didn’t work on. On one of the bathroom stalls, someone wrote “booger wall – please contribute” – there on the stall, was a massive amount of them, all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Makes me gag even thinking about it. (Reddit user: Makhann007)

9. Double Ended Showcase: We were doing random room checks, and a resident had left out a large double-ended adult toy on their bed. I’m quite sure it was planted, and I and the other cleaners expressions were priceless. We got a decent laugh after being caught off guard for a split second. (Reddit user: iCy619)

10. Childish Adults Were Too Much: I was a cleaner when I was younger for a factory. The people there thought they were better than me. The would often make huge messes because they were rude. One day we had a broken urinal in the men’s bathroom, so we put some plastic over it so no one would use it. Well, someone thought it was funny to do a number 2 in that urinal. I just quit. I didn’t get paid enough to deal with such rude people. (Reddit user: CosmicCare)

11. On the Opposite End: So, I used to be a social parasite and sold a lot of … urban pharmaceuticals. I had just run a re-up and left everything out on the table. I mean, everything! Pills, powder, herbs, etc. We went out to meet a girl for a few minutes and come home, portion out and clean up before the maid service came the next day. We ended up staying at the girl’s house. We came home to find all our stuff piled up neatly on a cleaned table, in a clean house. I had a rapid heartbeat for a few minutes, but nothing came from it. I left a big fat tip for the cleaning lady the next month, and another one when I moved out. She was a real G. (Reddit user: thatswhatshesaidxx)

12. Wrong Use Of The Bathtubs: I worked in a hotel. One time we had a bus tour stop and stay. The tour booked over 20 double bedrooms and stayed for two days. They refused housekeeping the first day. Over half of the rooms had left human waste in the bathtub upon checkout. I was never so happy to be working laundry that day so I didn’t have to deal with that. (Reddit user: Darm8801)


13. Who Wants Fresh Meat? I was a property manager and frequently would have to go clean apartments after people left. The worst one was what I called “The Meat Eviction.” When evicted, you have 72 hours to get everything of yours out of the apartment. After the eviction, they went home and left packages of meat all over. It was late summer, and the meat rotted quickly. There were millions of flies. You could smell the rot from across the street. (Reddit user: m_jansen)

14. AirBnB Role-play: My wife and I used to clean houses for a company that owns AirBnB’s. One time, my wife walked into a room to clean it and found a chair in the corner with rope loosely tied to it. The rope was on both front legs, and the back of the chair, implying that someone had been tied down. There had been a couple staying there the night before… so… hmmm. (Reddit user: brown_baggin_it_2day)

15. Dealin’ With Plenty at JCPenny: I was a cleaner once. Not for homes, but for ‘office buildings.’ I arrived at the job but it wasn’t for a building it was for a JCPenny in a bad area. I didn’t think much of it, how bad could it be? Let’s just say there are so many creative things people can do in the bathroom, but nothing worse than when people use it as a public place to have intercourse. I have nothing but the utmost respect for people who have to deal with a job like this. (Reddit user: mr_juicy_drop.)

16. The Stay At Home Dentist: My wife was a cleaning an old man’s home who was clearly going senile. The man owned a studio apartment and was a really bad hoarder. They had to clean it because if the man didn’t get it cleaned up he would be evicted. The smell was awful. But the worst was when my wife was cleaning, she turned over some newspapers and found the old guy’s teeth. Real teeth. He’d pull them out with pliers. By the time they were done, they found a few more. (Reddit user: Marquis77)

17. Really Strange Collection: I was a cleaner for a maid service in Oklahoma, and was tasked with cleaning a home out in the middle of nowhere. When I got there, the place was dirty, but not like crazy dirty. Aside from being sloppy people, they seemed relatively normal… until I went into one of their bedrooms. There on the shelf was a giant pickle jar filled with someone’s toenails. I nearly lost my lunch. (Reddit user: deleted)

18. Nosebleed from Hell: Many moons ago I was a janitor at a local mall. I’ve seen my fair share of gross things in the bathrooms, but this one time we found buckets and buckets of blood everywhere. I get there and the security dude is freaked. We notice the blood trail and even some bloody handprints. Security guy calls the cops and we follow the trail which leads into the men’s bathroom. We think the worst. Then we find 4 teenagers, and one hunched over the sink. He said he gets a chronic bloody nose, but we didn’t believe him because of all the blood. Sure enough, he takes his finger off his nose, and blood gushes out like the elevator in the shining. Paramedics arrive and confirm his story. I didn’t know the human body could make so much blood without passing out. (Reddit user: Mistah_Pink)

19. Shame Under The Mattress: I once rented out a room to a young woman, and after about 2 months of her living in the living room, I hired a cleaner to go and clean up. The cleaner told me that this young woman had stuffed all of her used feminine products underneath her mattress, along with other used tissues. On top of all this, there were ants. (Reddit user: BOERSPOOK)

20. The Shrine: I was assigned to clean an accountant’s apartment, and when I went to go vacuum out the closet carpet, instead I found a shrine filled with this woman’s pictures. Photos from her yearbook, and other pictures of her with his face cropped next to her. There was other stuff like mail with her name on it and even hair. Needless to say, I left and reported it to my company. Never went back. (Reddit user: Cal_Theo)

21. The Snakes: I got a call to a place outside of the city, where the family needed me to clean the house before a house-showing, as they were trying to sell the place. It was pretty clean but needed some extra love and care. I got through most of the upstairs fine, but then I made my way into the basement. The entire place was filled with snakes. Snakes in cages, snakes in aquariums, and even some snakes just hanging out in the rafters. I was both terrified and amazed. Never went back though. (Reddit user: deleted)

22. Little Green Men: I got a job as a maid at a small motel in the summer after high school. Mostly tourists in town who enjoy scuba diving. But there were also two people who lived there. One was an elderly lady. The other was a guy who didn’t want any fresh linens or anything ever. When I first started I made the mistake of entering to supply these to him when he didn’t answer the door. What I saw, was him, sitting in bed, with hundreds of little plastic green army men toys all over every surface of the room, including the bed. I closed the door and never knocked again. (Reddit user: swizz1e73)

23. Missing Drugs: My husband and his co-workers work for a cleaning company. They lifted a lamp and a huge bag of cocaine fell out and spilled on the carpet. They called the manager, who then told them to vacuum it up. The guy who lived there was totally pissed off and called to threaten to call the police about his missing drugs. The manager encouraged him to do just that. (Reddit user: snailisland)

24. Unexpected Photos: Cleaned this really beautiful enormous house regularly for a client. Husband and wife had two little girls. They had beautiful artwork all over the house. After a while, you become mesmerized by everything on the walls. Especially the framed photographs of the wife giving birth to her children. Up close and personal shots of the birth canal. (Reddit user: Spinachlover1992)


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