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24 Crazy Things That Only Exist In Japan


Not only is Japan known for its amazing food, fashion and culture—it’s also pretty famous for being the home to a lot of…well, weird things. Among the weird things that only exist in Japan are world-renowned and bizarre game shows, the awe-inspiring fashion scene and the huge anime culture. Some things in Japan often shock us, confuse us, or just completely leave us mind-boggled.

It’s safe to say that Japan is an extremely unique country which really can’t be compared to any other country in this world. Foreigners who visit the beautiful country may find some of the things they witness in Japan baffling, puzzling or even downright shocking. Certain traditions or practices may seem a little odd or bizarre to people who are not from the country, but to the people who live there, it’s just a way of life.

Here are 24 crazy things that only exist in Japan.

1. Japan is famous for its exotic fruits and square-shaped watermelons. Believe it or not these melons are pretty expensive to buy.

2. People in Japan really take their anime seriously.

3. Diapers gonna diaper!

4. Does anyone else feel bad for the guy in the costume in the back? He looks so sad and lonely…

5. Well, that’s one way to hold a pillow.


6. This is something I would definitely buy. A nice fancy car, fully loaded with a compartment for an adorable little Dachshund. This would be the ultimate purchase for me. Are there any dog lovers out there that would buy a car like this?

7. I find myself wondering if this is actually a gigantic doll or just a regular sized doll amidst miniature buildings. What do you think?

8. Not only are square-shaped watermelons grown and sold in Japan, but apparently watermelons can be used to make a fashion statement too! This is a pretty snazzy outfit, don’t you think?

9. Now that’s a costume. I don’t quite think it’s my exact taste but it’s definitely unique!

10. At first glance I thought this was a slide which leads into a toilet, but then I started second guessing myself. Can you tell what it is?

11. You know you’re addicted to Coca-Cola when you start collecting bottles and having regular meetups with your friend in your self-made Coca-Cola hats.

12. What is going on here? Why is this happening? I wish I knew the context behind this photo. This is definitely one of those things you can say you would only see in Japan.

13. Hello Kitty is huge in Japan, so it’s really no surprise that that there would be a massive Hello Kitty-themed bus roaming around in Japan somewhere. If you could design your very own bus, how would you design it? 

14. Go big or go home, right?

15. This is totally my dream outfit. A giant, warm sleeping bag (is it even a sleeping bag?!) for me to wear as I lounge around my house. Sounds enticing to me!

16. I’m not sure what exactly the context is behind the word “toilet” on these slippers, but I’m sure there’s a valid purpose.

17. At first glance, this hair cut looks beautiful, but upon closer inspection you may jump back in your seat a little. Her hair (and even her eyelashes) are styled with what look like beetles. Sure, they’re all probably fake, but that doesn’t eliminate the shock factor!

18. I’m sure I won’t be the first (or the last) to say it, but that does not look tasty…at all.

19. Oh, just another casual day at an Anime convention, nothing to see here.

20. This advertising is spot on. If you love Doritos as much as I do, then you’re probably used to grabbing your friend by the ankles and spinning him around any time you eat a bag of the popular chips…right?

21. Is it a motorcycle? No, it’s a toilet…wait, it’s a toilet on a motorcycle! Apparently it even has a name: toilet bike (who would’ve guessed). I really have no idea what to say about this contraption, but it’s definitely…interesting.

22. This actually looks like a pretty funky place to just sit and hang around with your friends (if it’s not an actual bathroom, that is).

23. This fashion trend will definitely become the 2017 fashion trend, don’t you think?

24. I actually wouldn’t mind getting a life-sized pillow of my all time favorite superhero or movie character, would you?


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