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This Creative Family Photo Tells A Truly Bittersweet Story

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Family pictures are more than just wall decorations. It’s a way to remember the people in your life for the years to come, even when they might not necessarily be around anymore. It brings people together and it’s also enjoyable.

But this particular family photo had a truly bittersweet story to it, and it’s making people feel a little bit emotional. Even more so, it’s making us appreciate the people that are around us. Sounds cheesy, but keep reading, and you’ll get it.  

Louisiana mom and blogger, Chrissy Roussel, shared a photo of her kids with her siblings’ kids on Facebook. The photo shows all 17 cousins wearing different colored shirts, each indicating the birth order and color to designate which kids are siblings.

The family photo is in many ways a tribute to Roussel’s late father, who passed away three years ago.

Shortly after his death, she learned she was pregnant with triplets, and two of her brother’s wives became pregnant as well.

Roussel told HuffPost, “The kids are growing so fast that we try to capture them all together whenever we can”

She continued saying, “Since they’re all so close in age, we thought it would be fun to line them all up by birth order.”

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