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16 Creative Gender Reveals That May Just Give You Baby Fever


When a couple finds out that they are pregnant, it’s more than just having a new baby in their lives. It’s also about planning the various events during the pregnancy. You know the showers and the gender reveal parties.

In fact, revealing the gender of the baby is more than just gathering people together and yelling out if it’s a boy or a girl. Today, people are getting more and more creative in how they reveal what they are going to have.

In fact, some of the ideas we’re about to show you are so fun and creative, that it might give you a bit of baby fever, just a little bit. So here are 16 baby gender reveals that’ll make you think about having kids.

1. Silly string isn’t just a party favorite, but using it to reveal the baby’s gender is pure genius. It’s a great way to get all your guests to participate.

2. If baseball is something you and your partner are a huge fan of, why not incorporate it in your gender reveal party.

3. Using a helium balloon box is one of the most suspenseful ways to reveal what gender you are having.

4. What’s more exciting than sitting under a black box and pulling down a string, to have a bunch of confetti drop down?

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5. Dressing up a bear in boy or girl clothes then hiding it in a gender neutral box is very creative. It also makes it fun if you have a small child who can participate in the reveal.

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6. If you don’t want to get super creative, you can do the traditional route and use a cake to reveal what gender you are having.

7. Why not use a Pinata shaped like a question mark to do a gender reveal. It’s a fun activity to do.

8. Using a powder bomb is a messy and fun way to reveal the gender of your baby. Just warn your guests it’ll be messy.

9. This girl took gender reveal to a whole new level. She basically made it rain a blue powder to let her guests know that she’s having a boy. Pretty creative.

10. If you aren’t about suspense and want to reveal the gender of the baby right away, just decorate the entire room in either blue or pink.

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11. Couples that are fans of The Hunger Games would love this archery reveal idea. Just fill a balloon with pink or blue paint and hit it with the arrow.

12. If you don’t have a bow and arrow, don’t worry. Filling up a board with multiple balloons and then using darts to hit them is just as fun.

13. Don’t just have a cookie to reveal the gender or a pinata. You can easily combine the two with this creative baking idea. It looks adorable as well.

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14. If baseball isn’t your sport, but soccer is you can also easily incorporate it in your gender baby reveal. It might get pretty messy though, but it’s totally worth it.

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15. Why not turn the gender reveal party into a game? Give everyone raffle tickets that you’ve created and then one person has the ticket that has the baby’s gender!

16. Here’s another way you can incorporate powder in revealing the gender. Just go to a shooting range and practice your aim while revealing if you’re having a boy or a girl.


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