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16 Of The Creepiest (Most Inexplicable) Things People Experienced

Many people have experienced something inexplicable in their lives. Whether it’s hearing voices, seeing something that isn’t there or even having a prophetic dream, we are all susceptible to the creepiest things. Often these events are hard to explain, and our rational brains have a hard time making sense of them.

Are we really experiencing these strange and sometimes otherworldly phenomena? Or do our minds just constantly play tricks on us? It’s hard to fathom that the creepiest things that happen to us may just be real, but it is just as difficult to try and explain and make sense of them.

These 16 stories of the creepiest things people have experienced may make you question your own reality. These true stories range from nightmarish to inspiring to just plain strange. Whether or not these odd stories have a rational explanation, it’s hard to deny that they certainly are hard to explain.

1. Reddit user guitarvibrations tells a story about hearing their dead mother’s voice. After hearing her voice shout “Can you hear me?!” their baby boy woke up and began crying.

2. Reddit user Bernadactyl woke up in the middle of the night. They found their front door open, and when they went to close it, heard movement on their front porch.

3. One of the creepiest things is being stalked. Reddit user Birchum’s wife went out with a friend and left her car at home. Birchum later found the padlock on their circuit breaker was cut. Someone had been watching them and learning their habits.

4. Reddit user nexaz was staying at a friend’s lake house, which had some old mannequins in the attic. The first night, nexaz saw the mannequins moving in the kitchen.

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