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24 Creepy Facts Most People Don’t Know


We pride ourselves on what we know and the subsequent accumulation of knowledge. But are there some things that we would rather not know about?

There’s a lot of things that we think we know. One common misconception is that of confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a logical fallacy that states that once one believes in something they will actively search for things that confirm that bias. And that’s not the only one. There are plenty of logical fallacies that any human mind can fall prey to. And sometimes, we are not even aware that these fallacies exist or that we are even doing them!

But then there are times when we encounter facts that we would rather not know. Things such as how truly bacteria-laden your kitchen sink is to how the post-apocalyptic world would look like. So we decided to head to Reddit to ask the Redditors what are some of the most unsettling facts that they know. Some might leave your spine tingling while others might leave you running to clean a certain spot up.

1. ‘Depending on the distance from a nuclear explosion, you might not die instantly. Rather, you could get third degree burns all throughout your body which then kills all the nerves so quickly that it ‘should’ be painless.’ (geogoose)


2. ‘The entire universe outside of our galaxy could have disappeared 20,000 years ago and we would have no clue about it. This is because the observable universe is constantly expanding and we can’t truly ‘see’ that far. So essentially we are looking into the past when we look at space.’ (rclatter)


3. ‘Apparently there are 92 known nuclear weapons that are missing. Since 2011 there have been 15 reported incidents of known lost nukes. Where you could lose a giant weapon like that is beyond me…’ (badmother)


4. ‘There will be a day when someone will mention you for the very last time and then on one will ever utter your name or mention you ever again. No one will remember you.’ (StabStabMan)


5. ‘This is an unknown fact and also a smelly fact. Every day, there is one single person who takes the biggest poop in the world and they don’t even know they’ve done it. If only there was an international scoreboard that kept track of the stuff.’ (actioncheese)


6. ‘Your bones are actually wet. About half of the weight of a living bone is organic. Filled with fluid, marrow, blood and many other compounds. That is why a ‘wet bone’ is so much heavier than a dry bone.’ (Matherwafer)[d


7. ‘In 1983 a Russian man by the name of Stanislav Petrov was given the task of notifying his superiors if the Russian satellite early warning network detected anything from the US. When the network accidentally went off, Stanislav made a level headed decision and did not fire off their compulsory nuclear counter attack at the time.’ (Tastypies)


8. ‘Apparently there is a growing resistance to antibiotics and it is increasing at such a rate that performing procedures such as C-sections, joint replacements and chemotherapy could be too dangerous.’ (ZunaCorpLX)


9. ‘You can think about your hand moving but it won’t move whereas when you will your hand to move it will move. You can even want it to move but it still won’t budge whereas you need to will it to move, which is somehow different.’ (Drowsy-CS)


10. ‘According to a Furtwangen study, your common kitchen sponge is a clean as a piece of poop. The researches called the sponges ‘microbial incubators’ since they were continually exposed to new bacteria through food and direct body contact.’ (ion_force)


11. ‘We are actually living in the beginning of time. 13 billion years is a blink of an eye in terms of the timeline of the Universe. If the Universe was a download it would take a further 80 billion more years to reach just 1 per cent of the time it takes a very small star to go through its hydrogen.’ (Wisdom_from_the_Ages)


12. ‘According to a recent study, 20 per cent of shared office mugs in a common workplace contains faecal matter! This is due to poor cleaning of the mug and the continual placement in a bacteria-laden environment.’ (Anonymous)


13. ‘The first firefighter that was killed at the scene of 9/11 was actually killed because a falling body struck him dead in the courtyard. Two people killed simultaneously, one on his way in, the other on their way out.’ (dz250123)


14. ‘There are a wide array of illnesses and diseases that are not curable or even treatable. As a medical student, I found out real quick that there are some illnesses that doctors don’t even know what the cause of it is!’ (JospehStash)


15. ‘A human during their lifetime will shed so much skin that it can amount to a small human child. We shed so much skin that it accumulates to approximately 77 pounds worth!’ (Anonymous)


16. ‘You are in the richest 20 per cent of the world if you have clothes in your closet and also food in your fridge. The world is so financially split that the rest of the 80 per cent of the world don’t have access to food in the fridge, running water and clean clothes.’ (Soggy_Diaperz)


17. ‘Right at this moment there are tiny little bugs that are living on every inch of your skin eating away at your dead skin. We don’t notice it or feel it but they are there doing their jobs, just munching away.’ (yeesh_kabab)


18. ‘In a more morbid undertone, every single photograph you take could be the one used for your obituary. So make sure you have a clean shirt on and have your hair done, because you just never know!’ (Lamb4u)


19. ‘If you look back at your family history and you were to not have kids in your lifetime then you could potentially break an unbroken line of children that has probably gone on for tens of thousands of years!’ (tomholder)


20. ‘As someone who has worked in wet basements and foundation support before: without proper and regulated soil tests and foundation depth tests, your house could be at risk of moving and cracking from rain or ice(freezing.)’ (slartibartjars)


21. Bull sharks, which are one of the most aggressive fish in the sea, can actually adapt to freshwater. They have the ability to survive and thrive in freshwater and the rise of sightings of bull sharks in freshwater have certainly scared some locals.’ (Anonymous)


22. ‘My job is to test schools’ water for lead. People are being exposed to absurdly high levels of lead. This can lead to behavior and learning problems, lower IQ, hyperactivity, slowed growth, hearing problems and anemia. That is why I always advise the use of filters!’ (Blazer666)


23. ‘The Romans used to do a lot of wacky stuff. They would use male spartan’s dead skin as an aphrodisiac, they would wash clothes in urine. But one of the weirdest ones is probably the use of crushed mouse brains as toothpaste!’ (CrudeJoker)


24. ‘To this day no one is sure who named our planet Earth. Despite Earth being around for approximately 13 billion years, no one can even postulate when the world ‘Earth’ came around and who decided to name our home, Earth.’ (dcreased)


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