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16 Creepy Facts That Will Keep You Up All Night

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Knowing random facts about the things around us is what a lot of us enjoy throughout our day. Whether these facts help out with our daily lives or are simply used for our own entertainment, a lot of us crave this knowledge.

When you think about things like Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan, the word “creepy” would probably be the last thing that pops into your head right? Well, think again. There are actually a number of facts that will give you chills.

Here are 17 creepy facts that will not only shock you but also make you change the way you see the things that are around you. We love learning facts about things in general but the creepy factor definitely adds a little something extra.

1. Still wondering if aliens exist? Keep wondering. In 1977, humans received a radio signal from space that lasted 72 seconds. Its origins remain unknown.

#1Live ScienceLivescience

2. What if I told you there was a story from the 1930’s where Mickey is trying to commit suicide after Minnie leaves him? 


3. We all know Peter Pan. But did you know in the original story Peter Pan kills his lost boys once they grow up? One line in the story reads “when they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out.

4. Taking a vacation is always fun. Though, don’t know how I’d feel knowing that within the last 70 years, 90 commercial airliners have disappeared.  


5. Serial Killer William Suff’s chili contained the breast milk of one of his victims and won the prize for the best chill in his hometown. Gross.


6. Flowers are beautiful, even when they die you can use them for decoration. Except with Snapdragons. They turn into creepy looking skulls.

#6Kuriositas kuriositas

7. Stay away from Tanzania’s alkaline Lake Natron. Its pH level is so high, it turns whatever swims in it into a calcified statue. Although, you can’t deny that the results are beautiful.

8. If you like unique hairstyles, we wouldn’t recommend you moving to North Korea.There, you have to choose from 28 government approved haircuts, or else…


9. Denver International has a horse statue that not only looks demonic but actually killed the guy who built it during production.

10. A skeleton outside of a Chilean ghost town was discovered. It was found to be from a 6-8 inch human who lived for 8 years. Its origins haven’t been found.

#10Skulls UnlimitedSkulls unlimited

11. The human body is fascinating…but creepy. After you die, the bacteria that helps digest your food eventually eats your body.


12. Want to know if you are in the radiation zone of an atomic bomb? Just do what Vault Boy is doing in the Fallout Series. Creepy.


13. Both Abracadabra and Avada Kadabra were used by witches who were casting dark magic spells. The former means to create and the latter means to destroy.


14. Laughing usually happens in happy moments. But did you know that there are at least 10 recorded cases of people dying from laughter? Not funny.


15. Colgate had some serious problems marketing themselves in Spain. The word in Spanish is a command that means “hang yourself.”

16. Japan doesn’t play around. Inmates who are on the death row aren’t given an exact execution date. They live every day as if it’s their last.


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