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20 Creepy Photos


Ever since Facebook, Instagram and other social media services exploded onto the mainstream, the internet has been flooded with photos—some funny, some strange. In these billions of pictures, there are bound to be a few that capture something a bit creepy. Like some of the more iconic and mysterious photos of the past, regular people are capturing things that look like:

  • Ghosts,
  • Monsters,
  • Animals ready to strike.

Photos tend to go viral when something unexpected is noticed in the background of an otherwise harmless picture. Along with the recent photos, people have been digging back into vintage photo albums to share weird occurrences.

Here are some of the creepiest photos you’ll ever see. 

1. This photo was taken at the security station of an unknown hospital. A nurse snapped it when she saw a dark figure walking on one of the beds.


2. A nice evening in the park, this girl seems totally unaware of the frightening figure in the top left of the frame standing at attention.


3. This photo was taken in a church in England, in which a woman had come to pray. The church had an old legend of a “White Lady” who would heal those who needed it.


4. In a classic photo, Freddy Jackson is seen with a figure directly behind him, peering out for a look at the camera. While it could be due to the slow development of these images, it doesn’t look like it’s Freddy’s double.


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