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20 Creepy Photos


Ever since Facebook, Instagram and other social media services exploded onto the mainstream, the internet has been flooded with photos—some funny, some strange. In these billions of pictures, there are bound to be a few that capture something a bit creepy. Like some of the more iconic and mysterious photos of the past, regular people are capturing things that look like:

  • Ghosts,
  • Monsters,
  • Animals ready to strike.

Photos tend to go viral when something unexpected is noticed in the background of an otherwise harmless picture. Along with the recent photos, people have been digging back into vintage photo albums to share weird occurrences.

Here are some of the creepiest photos you’ll ever see. 

1. This photo was taken at the security station of an unknown hospital. A nurse snapped it when she saw a dark figure walking on one of the beds.


2. A nice evening in the park, this girl seems totally unaware of the frightening figure in the top left of the frame standing at attention.


3. This photo was taken in a church in England, in which a woman had come to pray. The church had an old legend of a “White Lady” who would heal those who needed it.


4. In a classic photo, Freddy Jackson is seen with a figure directly behind him, peering out for a look at the camera. While it could be due to the slow development of these images, it doesn’t look like it’s Freddy’s double.


5. People casually chat on the bridge while a figure falls to his or her death below. Very reminiscent of the “falling man” photo from the September 11 attacks.


6. This young girl poses for a photo in a tropical location, with two onlookers peering out from just behind her. She seems totally unaware.


 7. A nice family photo, until you peer down below the mother. There is someone trapped underneath the group.


8. Another vacation photo ruined, this time by a small apparition behind the couple. It’s no wonder people take so many selfies, you have no idea who’s behind you.


9. These boys try to be as cool as possible, but there is an extra hand behind the boy on the far right. Where it came from is still unexplained.


10. Do you believe in time travel? This photo is from Canada in the 1940s and seems to have a man very out of place for the time period.


 11. Backseat driver or ghostly apparition? This creepy figure doesn’t seem to be inhabiting any space other than right behind this man’s head.


12. These ladies are having a good time in the bath, until they see the creepy figure just outside their window. Its hand is clearly pressed against the glass, and the women don’t seem to notice at all.


13. Another happy family photo that somehow contains a creepy child from the 1800s just to the right of the pyramid.


14. A photo of the Tulip Staircase from the Queen of England’s house in Greenwich shows a frightening figure ascending it when developed. The staircase had a no-admittance sign, and witnesses report that no one went up or down while the tour was there.


 15. Other than the adorable look on this tot’s face as he’s held by his mother, there is something that will make you look twice at this photo. Those creepy faces in the door don’t look of this world, and yet no one seems to notice.


16. The faceless hanging man in this photo has been the cause of much controversy over the years, which has never been resolved. Taken in the 1950s, the boys and their mothers don’t seem phased by this large figure either dropping from the ceiling or hanging in another dimension.


17. Just a girl lying on her bed (with two phones, which captures teenagers perfectly) with legs that seem to bend the wrong way. Either her whole torso is twisted, or those knees are extremely flexible.


18. The home looks normal inside, but this window houses the face of an unknown creepy spirit.


 19. Imagine looking in your rear-view mirror one day and seeing this driving after you, apparently from the middle of the truck. Jeepers, creepers.

20. One of the most famous ghost photos of all time. This young figure was seen in the Amityville mansion days after the Lutz family evacuated the property due to continuous hauntings that tormented them.



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