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8 Creepy Post-Mortem Pictures From The Victorian Era That Will Haunt You Forever

Taking photos has been popular since the day the camera was invented in the 19th century. The daguerreotype was invented in the 19th century. This was the earliest version of the camera. People were so excited to capture moments as much as they are now.

But the photos that people took back in the day compared to the ones they take now are a little bit different. And by different, I mean very different. In the 19th century, it was popular to capture post-mortem pictures.

People would want to get these photos done of their loved ones and usually, these pictures made it look like these people were alive. Looking at these photos today makes them look REALLY creepy but during that time, it was normal. Check out some of these haunting pictures during that time. You might not be able to get your regular hours of sleep tonight!

1. Maybe it’s the outfits and the entire set up, but if this photo doesn’t send goosebumps down your back, I don’t know what will. This is a photo of a mother that is praying for her daughter. You can’t stare at this photo for too long.

2. Looking at photos of someone who has passed away is tough, but this photo takes it to a whole other level. Everything from the outfit to the black and white photo to the look on their faces will give some of us serious nightmares.

3. This photo isn’t scary as much as it is depressing. The look on this mother’s face holding her child could get some of us emotional. Again, the black and white definitely adds to the effect of giving off a creepy vibe.

4. As you look more and more through these photos, you really can’t believe that people thought it was normal to take photos like these. This is two sisters taking a picture together, one is alive, the other is deceased.

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