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This Mom’s Sizzling Response To Her Ex’s Cruel Text Is Giving Us #DivorceGoals


When two people get married, they never intend to get divorced later in the marriage. But sometimes it’s necessary. Thanks to a report by Diply, a cruel text message sent by a mother’s ex-husband illustrates why a divorce was the right call.

What also tends to happen is both parties try to stay civil during a marriage, but once the divorce papers have been signed, the bell rings and the real fight begins.

This is exactly what happened with Sharon B and her former husband, according to Diply. Her ex-husband is listed as “Bald ex-husband” on her contacts list on her phone.

After their 10-year relationship came to an end, her ex-husband wanted to get one last insult in. Unfortunately for him, Sharon wasn’t having any of it.

cruel text message wk1003mike/

Below you can see the conversation between the two.

cruel text messageProvidr

Sharon’s child posted the conversation on Instagram, and Sharon became an online celebrity because of this. She gathered over 300k followers in just less than a month! Talk about great marketing!

cruel text message tovovan/

Diply reports that there were two kinds of posts that Sharon received. She was either encouraging women to stop wasting time in toxic relationships or was being a brat about bragging how she is spending her ex-husband’s money.

cruel text message

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