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If You Ever Worked In Customer Service You’ll Appreciate These 16 ‘Customer Service Wolf’ Comics

customer service comicsCustomer Service Wolf

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service can tell you that it’s one of the most hellish experiences on the planet. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, “a job’s a job” right? Work a year in a customer service job and you might think differently.

An artist who calls themselves the “customer service wolf” or the “apex retail predator” has created a series of comics that illustrated just how grueling and obnoxious it is dealing with customers on a daily basis. Not just any customers, however, only the ones that are rude.

The artist also has a funny way of introducing rules of the animal kingdom into a mundane retail environment like a bookstore. These customer service comics will have you laughing regardless if you’ve ever worked in a place like this or not.

1) Wolf Indeed: This comic features our lead character, the “customer service wolf” preparing for their day as he opens the store. Like any retail environment, there’s always that one annoying customer waiting outside for you to open. This artist plays with this concept by introducing a funny predatory notion from the animal kingdom.

2) Not French: This comic is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes customers just refuse to see anything other than their own perception of something.

3) Managers Won’t Help You: Believe it or not, if a customer service representative is telling you about a policy, rest assured a “manager” isn’t going to come in and fix everything for you. This comic illustrates how calling a manager is more like calling in your wolf pack!

4) Wrong Store: Retail is full of ridiculous surprises. Sometimes customers come in and ask for something that VERY OBVIOUSLY you don’t carry at your establishment. But then later down the line, these questions lead to obtaining the said product, even if it seems ridiculous to have in stock.

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