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New Dad Chugs Entire Bottle Of Tequila For Cash Prize And Immediately Dies

Everyone enjoys a little competition and partying with friends, but one man took it too far at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic when he immediately died after drinking an entire bottle of Tequila. 23-year-old Kevin Mejia Perozo was partying at Vacca Lounge when he was bet a little over $600 US to finish the bottle without stopping.

Kevin complied, and although some people told him it wasn’t a good idea, Kevin seemed determined to take on the challenge. Supposedly, two men were betting who could drink the most between the two of them, and then Kevin bet that he could drink all of it and should receive all the prize money. 

In the footage, the entire night club cheers as he downs the bottle and throws his hands up in victory. You can then see him begin to lean forward as another man begins to count out his prize money. The human body is only capable of holding so much alcohol in its system so when Kevin downed the bottle of Tequila, he definitely went too far. 

Kevin can be seen leaning on the men standing on stage with him as they try and hold him up, and in the next shocking clip he’s passed out on the ground unable to even keep his head up as people panic and try to help. 

Kevin was reportedly rushed to the hospital shortly after but doctors were unable to save him. Kevin had recently become the father of a child, who was two months old at the time of his death. Kevin’s friends commented that he was a regular at the club.

After his death, people began to blame the club, saying that it should be held accountable for holding the dangerous competition. But the club released a statement expressing their apologies and explaining that the Vacca lounge has never held that kind of contest or given out cash. They wanted to clarify that the contest was privately held among the customers and that they were not involved in the proceedings.

Described as healthy and friendly, Kevin is bound to be missed by his family and friends, and especially by the 2-month-old child he left behind. Here’s hoping that what happened to Kevin can serve as a lesson to be careful while partying.


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