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Dad Cries As 2-Year-Old Gets Denied Entry on Plane—Then He Realizes A Stranger Overheard The Whole Thing

In a story posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page, a stranger shared how he witnessed a remarkable act of kindness after a man found himself in a difficult situation. The man was in a state of distress but it turns out, another kind stranger was watching the entire time.

Most airlines allow children younger than 2 to fly for free either sitting in their parents laps, or occupying a seat depending on the flight’s capacity. One father who was aware of this rule booked one ticket for a trip with his daughter who was one year old at the time.

However, when it was time to take the flight, the child had already had her birthday in January. When asked how old his daughter was and he replied that she had just turned two, the agent asked for her ticket. The man found himself in a state of confusion as he had been under the impression that she would be able to ride free of charge. He explained that he couldn’t afford to reschedule the flight or pay for another ticket at the time and was beginning to break down.

This is when the woman who was next to him at the counter who had heard the whole thing approached him to see what was wrong. What she did next is truly inspiring.

After the woman spoke with the gentleman for a little bit, she turned back to the agent and told her that she wanted to pay for his daughter’s ticket. Surprised, the agent asked if she knew how much it was to which the woman replied ‘$700 something?’

The ticket ended up being $749 dollars to which the woman said ‘It’s fine’ and pulled out her credit card. She continued to tell the man not to worry about it as tried to ask for her name so he could repay her.

The post received a lot of attention online getting shared over 20k times—one comment in particular which almost identifies the woman. A Facebook user named Jennica Kettle commented that she won’t reveal who the kind woman is, but knows her in person. She refers to her as an inspiration. “She is so full of Love for everyone and does what is needed without being asked,” Kettle wrote.

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