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Dad And 9-Month-Old Daughter Dress Up And Pose In Funny Photo Series And It’s Almost Too Cute


A father by the name of Sholom Ber Solomon is not only a great parent but also a fantastic photographer. His photography skills might partially be because of his particularly stunning (and cute) model. He uses his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, dressed in many costumes and the resulting photos are adorable and hilarious.

From police costumes to the Cookie Monster, here are some of the funniest father and daughter pictures.

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This 36-year-old father went on a ‘hunting trip’ and guess who he encountered. I wonder if the face paint and camouflage is really necessary for an environment where there is little to no greenery.

father-dress-up-baby-daughter-costumes-sholom-ber-solomon-10-594d184fbfbbb__700 |

The face that Zoe displays in this picture is absolutely adorable. This police officer should let her go with a warning if she’s using those ‘puppy eyes’ on him.

11 |

This duo decided to go outdoors and look for some animals. Although dad looks like he is ready to visit any rain forest, Zoe, on the other hand, seems to be a little underdressed for the savanna.

10 |

Garden gnomes are usually a little scary and creepy, but when they are this adorable you have no choice but to pinch its cheeks.

9 |

Every parent innately wants their child to grow up big and strong. This is how you do it.

8 |

The hula dress and the coconut shells would have been enough to make this a hilarious picture. Adding little Zoe to the picture makes this photo that much more adorable. Just look at how small she is tucked away by her father’s side.

7 |

Fried chicken is probably most people’s favorite fast food. But when the ‘chick’ looks this adorable, it’s time to focus on different food groups.

6 |

Vandalism and graffiti are illegal in most places but when they have giant crayons on the floor I guess it’s okay. But either way, Zoe seems way too amused and happy to be held back.

5 |

So on top of being a hilarious photographer and a fantastic father, Sholom can also cook?! Now, that is what you call husband material.

father-dress-up-baby-daughter-costumes-sholom-ber-solomon-8-594d184b0ff81__700 |

This picture is absolutely hilarious. Zoe looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world and is just enjoying her time whereas her father is a little more stunned at what he finds.

father-dress-up-baby-daughter-costumes-sholom-ber-solomon-3-594d183fb7d21__700 |

Like father, like daughter. When dad rocks a purple tutu, that’s when his baby girl rocks a white tutu. Hopefully, Zoe can grow up to be an amazing ballerina just like dad.

3 |

I hope he wasn’t bathing with laundry detergent! They might end up smelling amazing for a couple of days. But please note the makeshift tiara on Zoe’s head.

2 |


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