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Dad Follows Dog Who Started Acting Strangely, Sees Immediate Danger And Dials 911


American philosopher Thomas Nagel argued in his paper, What Is It Like To Be A Bat?, that human experiences are dictated through consciousness and that the mental state for consciousness is not a derivative of a physical process such as a brain neuron firing or some brain chemicals in the head. He argues that we can know all physical facts about bats and their experiences but we will never know what a ‘bat experience’ is like since we are not bats.

Furthermore, in his paper, he states that bats use echolocation or a biological sonar, to detect things and move around. We can know everything (every possible fact) about echolocation but that does not mean that we can fully replicate a bat’s experience or use of echolocation.

Each and every animal (and maybe some organisms too) have their own subjective experiences and strong(er) senses. Bats have echolocation, cats have night vision, and dogs have an eerie kind of sixth sense. At least the puppy in this story does. Read on to learn about Peanut the dog, and its incredible feat of saving a young girl.

Peanut is a former rescue dog from Escanaba in Michigan. The 3 year old mixed breed was rescued from an abusive home after it was discovered that there was carpeting in her stomach.

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The adorable pup was also found with several broken legs and broken ribs and it was indicative that the first two years of her life were filled with torture, pain and misery.


After being rescued and sent to the Delta Animal Shelter she was soon rehabilitated and brought into a loving home.


Nowadays she spends her time going on walks, enjoying her treats and getting belly rubs by her owners.

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