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What Happened When A Dad Thought He Found His Daughter’s Adult Toy

Will Smith famously said that “Parents just don’t understand.” However, one teenager’s dad has taken his lack of understanding to embarrassing new levels. Twitter user @_emiilly shared a horribly uncomfortable text conversation with her father. It’s a conversation that no teenage girl wants to have with their dear old dad.

After finding a portable USB charger in her room, Emily’s father assumed it was an adult toy. Some parents who find themselves in this situation might prefer to have an open discussion with their kids about sex and self-pleasuring. Other parents might just choose to ignore the situation entirely.

Emily’s dad, however, chose an alternate route: confront his teenage daughter via text message. He immediately contacted Emily, looking for some answers. When Emily told her dad what he was looking at, he quickly found out that he obviously knows less about technology than he would probably care to admit. 

Admittedly, this portable charger does somewhat resemble an adult toy, but maybe sending a serious, confrontational text right after finding it was the wrong decision.

Emily’s father not only seems concerned with his daughter owning an adult toy, but also that she would be wasting her money on buying one.

Emily explained the device to her father, who then sheepishly admitted to snooping for chapstick. He also asked to keep this from Mom, for obvious reasons.

Emily shared the mortifying conversation on Twitter and received over 125,000 Likes, which is probably something that did not make her father very happy.

Some Twitter users responded by sharing their own embarrassing familial confrontations, such as @All_AboutMe_ and their story of an Uncle’s false assumption of their screen credits.

There was also @_unpopularr’s story about their Grandma finding something ‘incriminating’ in their car. This poor old woman was probably just worried about her grandchild’s health.

Some Twitter users took the opportunity to point out that even though it wasn’t an adult toy, Emily’s dad should not have been shaming her.

Twitter: @Femmefeministe

Some users only took issue with the fact that Emily’s Dad wanted to use her chapstick. Emily quickly cleared up why her father assumed that was okay.


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