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Dad Bikes 1,400 Miles To Hear His Daughter’s Heartbeat Inside A 21-Year-Old’s Chest On Father’s Day

When Abbey Conner was sixteen she decided that she wanted to be an organ donor. It was something that she had discussed with her father, Bill Conner. Even though it made Bill uncomfortable, he allowed her to register.

As any parent would, Conner hoped that his daughter’s organs would not need to be donated for a very long time, but a tragic accident brought Conner’s worst fear to life.

Dad5 Bill Conner / Go Fund Me

Over winter break while on vacation in Cancun, Abbey and her brother were found face down unconscious in a pool. Abbey’s brother was able to make a full recovery but unfortunately, Abbey suffered from extensive, irreversible brain damage and was kept on life support until her organs could be harvested.

When describing his daughter, Conner says that to have Abbey as a friend was a privilege. “She always had your back, and for her to be helping people in need [after death]–that just fits who she is.” Abbey donated four organs to four males ages 20 to 60 with life-threatening conditions. She also donated her eyes and other tissues.

While Conner said goodbye to his daughter, there was another family gearing up to do the same to their son. A 21-year-old man, Loumouth Jack Jr. from Lafayette, Louisiana had suffered a heart attack and rapid heart failure. “He was given ten days to live,” said Conner, “and with Abbey and the way things went, he’s alive today.”

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