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Photo Of A Dad Mowing His Lawn During A Tornado Has The Internet Talking

It’s Friday evening and you decide you’re going to mow the lawn. You look outside your window to see how the weather is. Pretty cloudy, but good enough to spend an hour or so cutting the grass.

That’s exactly what Theunis Wessels decided to do. Except, in his case, the weather was a little more than just “cloudy with a chance of rain.” Theunis’s wife Cecilia snapped a picture of him calmly mowing the lawn while a tornado raged right behind him. Seriously, if you look at the picture it looks like it’s in the yard next to his.

His wife, Cecilia Wessels notes that trimming the lawn was on Wessel’s to-do list for a while, so he picked Friday to check it off. She told Buzzfeed News that she was napping when her 9-year-old daughter woke her up.

Looking at the photo we can take a wild guess why. The 9-year-old was freaked out by the insane tornado that was raging outside.

Cecilia told Buzzfeed News that when she looked outside the window, she saw her husband just minding his own business with the “normal” scene behind him.

The family, originally from South Africa, aren’t used to seeing tornados. But her husband attended a seminar led by Professional Tornado Hunter (that’s right, just like in the movie Twister), Greg Johnson.

We can tell he was completely confident in his Tornado game because he looks completely chill and unworried about what’s happening behind him.

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