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Teen Was Told Her Dad Would ‘Beat Her’ If She Took Off Her Hijab. Her Dad’s Response Is Inside.


These days teens can be cruel, mean or just straight up ignorant. And when it comes to trying to understand another person’s culture, it can get even worse.

That’s what happened to 17-year-old Lamyaa. Lamyaa is a Muslim woman who currently lives in Pennsylvania, while her dad lives in Saudi Arabia. Recently, a fellow teenager made a remark about Lamyaa’s hijab and what her father might do if she removed it. In an effort to prove the person wrong, she texted her father and told him what her friend said.

You may be surprised by her dad’s response, and here it is.

Lamyaa is an Arab, Muslim woman and is part of a group chat with her friends. The chat focuses on President Trump and the United States’ current political climate. Lamyaa is very upfront and vocal about her views on President Trump.

One day when Lamyaa was discussing politics in the group chat, she admitted that as a Muslim woman, she did not agree with President Trump’s views on Islam. That’s when another person in the chat responded.

The person was pretty aggressive and vulgar in their response.

The person told Lamyaa to shut up and even told her that she shouldn’t defend a religion which doesn’t allow women to take off their hijabs. The person told her that if she tried to remove her hijab her dad would probably beat her.

Lamyaa admitted that as a Muslim woman, she is used to hearing ignorant and sometimes even cruel remarks from Americans who are not Muslim, but she still felt that she had a point that needed to be made when she read what the person had to say.

That’s when she texted her dad in Saudi Arabia and told him what happened.

She texted her father and told him that she wanted to tell him something, to which he responded: “talk to me.”

Lamyaa told her father that she was thinking about taking her hijab off. She didn’t actually have any intention of taking it off but wanted to see what her father would say and what his reaction would be.

“Sweetheart that’s not my decision to make. That’s no man’s decision to make,” her father wrote to her.

“If it’s what you feel like you want to do, go ahead. I’ll support you no matter what. Is everything okay? Did something happen?” The text continued.

Lamyaa decided that she wanted to share her dad’s reaction on social media to prove to non-Muslims around the world that what they think about Muslim women and Muslim men may not exactly be true.

She shared the texts over Twitter, and the post has now gone viral. It has been retweeted over 140,000 times.

Lamyaa captioned the tweet with “since this is a mentality a lot of you seem to have,” and she even received a lot of support for the post.

Some people encouraged her to leave her hijab on, while others said that they would expect their future husband to support their children like this too.

lam14 Twitter

Lamyaa did receive some backlash for the post. Some Muslim women responded saying that other Muslim women in the world don’t have the same support when it comes to wearing their hijabs and that her tweet undermines what Muslim women in other countries go through.

Lamyaa quickly responded to these comments, clarifying that that was not the intention of her post and that she stands up for and supports Muslim women all around the world who may not have the same liberties as she does.


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