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Dad Scolds Doctor As His Son Bleeds To Death, Doctor Takes Off His Mask And Reveals His True Self


Have you ever judged someone or lashed out at them for acting a certain way without actually knowing what was going on behind the scenes in their personal lives? You never know when or if someone is going through a hard time in life because most people don’t talk about it. This is why it’s so important to always be sensitive to other peoples’ emotions or feelings.

Recently, a fictitious but eye-opening story was posted online showing us all how easy it is for people to lash out at others for no good reason. Although the events did not actually happen, the story holds a deeper truth and meaning behind it that can teach us all a lesson.

Here’s the story.

A young boy was taken to the hospital after receiving a life-threatening injury. Doctors were unsure if the boy would make it, and rushed him straight into surgery.

The little boy’s father paced in the hallway outside of the operation room, waiting for the doctor. He was frustrated and upset that the doctor had not arrived yet.

Upon being called in for the operation, the doctor responded immediately and rushed to the hospital after changing his clothes.

When the doctor arrived, the little boy’s father was furious. He confronted the doctor and demanded that the doctor tell him why it took him so long to arrive at the hospital.

The doctor, who understood that the boy’s father was in distress, responded calmly and even apologized.

He told the man that he rushed to the hospital as soon as he received the call and politely asked him to calm down so that he could do his job as a doctor.

The father was still extremely angry. He even asked the doctor what he would do if he had to watch his own son die.

The doctor responded by saying that he and his team would do their absolute best to save the little boy’s life. After saying this, the doctor rushed into the operating room and began the surgery.

After a few hours, the doctor emerged from the operating room. He had good news. The surgery was a success. The man’s son was saved.

After delivering the good news to boy’s father, the doctor removed his mask and told the father that he had to go, and that if he had any questions he could ask the nurse. The father noticed that the man looked sad and dejected. His face was solemn, sad and disturbed.

The boy’s father was upset and annoyed that the doctor hadn’t bothered to stay to answer his questions about his son’s state, but was confused about why the doctor looked so disturbed.

The nurse told him why the doctor was acting this way, and the man was shocked.

The nurse explained that the doctor’s son had died in a car accident only a day before. He had been at the funeral when he received the call for the little boy’s emergency operation.

She also explained that the reason he rushed away after the surgery was to return to the funeral. Now imagine you had been the father of the little boy in the operating room. Would you feel horrible for acting that way to a man who had just lost his own son?

This story is a lesson to us all that we should never jump to conclusions or assume certain things about a person. You never know what someone may be going through behind the scenes, and it’s important to be sensitive to this.

Another lesson to be learned is that doctors and nurses sometimes do not get the credit they deserve. They work long, strenuous hours and have to deal with disturbing, traumatic things while putting their own private and personal lives in the back seat. The next time you overreact to someone or are quick to judge another person’s actions, think about what they might be going through.


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