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This Is The Trap A Dad Set Up When He Found Out A 33 Year Old Was Sending Nudes To His Teen Daughter

A 33-year-old child predator has been apprehended by a family in Oklahoma in an epic ‘sting operation’ and the entire thing was caught on camera. The suspect who has yet to be named was allegedly sending lewd photos to a 15-year old girl, and when her father found out he took matters into his own hands.

dadsetuptrap youtube

Thanks to software on his computer, he was able to monitor what his daughter was doing. As well as photographs, the suspect was also sending her inappropriate and explicit messages. Although this isn’t the tactic police would recommend, the family decided to pose as the teenager and invite the suspect over to the backyard to meet in a tent.

Unbeknownst to the teenage girl who was safe and asleep in the house, the whole family worked together to catch the predator who did, in fact, turn up to meet the underage girl for whatever reason. When the suspect showed up, the dad tackled him and other family members helped to zip tie him until police arrived.

The suspect will remain anonymous until formal charges are pressed. Jody Suit, of Del City Police Dept. said: ‘As a parent, I don’t blame them.’ Although police don’t necessarily recommend this tactic. ‘I think it’s their right to protect their children.’  Check out the shocking footage on the next page.

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