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Dad Sets Up Camera That Captures Horrific Footage Of Nanny Torturing Baby [Graphic]


Whether it is kindergarten, preschool, after class activities or a sports teams, it is important for parents and guardians alike to ensure that the person responsible for those activities is qualified and has your children’s best interests in mind. Too often do we see those in authoritative positions abuse their power and harm children, whether it be physically, mentally or sexually. And this story exemplifies just how meticulous and careful parents must be before they appoint someone as a babysitter or a nanny. 

A babysitter from Uganda was beaten up by a man after she was found to have tortured his daughter.

Read on to find out more about the horrific abuse of a 1-year-old girl. Please be warned that the following story is disturbing, graphic and not for those who are sensitive to the abuse of children. 

Aneela Kamanzi was just 18 months old at the time of the assault when her nanny, Jolly Tumuhirwe, beat her with a torch, kicked her in the head, and stomped on her tiny body.

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The malicious acts were caught on video after Aneela’s father, Erick Kamanzi, found bruises on his daughter as well as limping.


So rather than confront the nanny, the Kamanzi family set up a hidden camera. The shocking video revealed some evil and malicious acts.

In the beginning of the video, Aneela is seen sitting on the couch with her nanny. Jolly is seen feeding Aneela and when she cries or makes a noise, she gives her a swift hit to the mouth.


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