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This Picture Of A Big Burly Dad Shopping For His Daughter Is Melting Hearts Online


Most fathers will bend over backward to make sure that their children are happy. But there are some parents that have done things so incredible that they deserve an award.

When one woman noticed a big burly man wearing a shirt labeled ‘punisher’ shopping at a Goodwill, she didn’t expect to see him pushing around a baby doll wearing a diaper!

The woman, named Sadie, noticed that the man had taken the time to strap the baby into the cart safely as he shopped around.

Check out the adorable photos and find out the reason why this man was shopping with a baby doll.

This is the sight Sadie Collins saw when she was at Goodwill one morning. She described him as having tattoos on his neck and arm and he ‘even had a tattoo the size of my entire hand on the back of his head,’

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 1.34.30 PM

She had to ask him what he was up to and when he did, he explained that it was his daughter’s baby doll and his name is Davey.

‘Punisher,’ or better known as Keenan Watkins, told Sadie that his daughter wanted the doll to have clothes and socks, so he was shopping for an outfit.  

As soon as he heard that his daughter wanted Davey to have clothes, he got in his car, buckled Davey in the back, and he was off. He posted several photos of the process on Facebook and they’re adorable.

Looks like they made a pit stop for some snacks and a drink! Davey sure looks excited to be getting some new clothes.

This is a perfect example as to why you should never judge a book by its cover. If someone made assumptions about Keenan based on his build and tattoos they would probably be wrong.

Sadie said that she could only imagine how well his daughter is cared for if he puts this much time and effort into her toys.  

Keenan bought two sleepers from Goodwill and then drove to Walmart to get Davey some socks as well. Look how cute he looks now that he’s all dressed up!

He’s now dressed in an adorable sleeper and is on his way back to Keenan’s daughter, Aayla. Some people asked where she was in the comments of the photo and Sadie mentioned that since it was a weekday morning she was most likely at school.

Looks like Aayla is a big fan! And it looks like Davey got a couple more outfits.

Sadie posted the original photo of Keenan to her Facebook and the internet is loving it. It’s been shared over 20,000 times, liked 26k times, and has over 2.8k comments.

It’s great to see parents being so active in their kid’s imagination and play time. Here’s Davey dressed in a cute Halloween sleeper. It’s safe to say Aayla is in good hands.


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