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11 Powerful Shots Of Dads In The Delivery Room

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful moments in life. There is nothing more heartwarming than the moment a couple first becomes parents. Often, the reaction of the mother is the focus and the moment that she first sees her child.

But there’s another person who’s right alongside mom that people sometimes forget about–and that’s dad!

Father’s day was this past weekend. In celebration of fathers everywhere, why not take the time to appreciate some beautiful professional photos of new Fathers in the delivery room?

Some of them will make you laugh, others will make you cry, and they will all definitely remind you of the joys of childbirth.

1. Although it may surprise you, dads can get emotional too! These reactions are timeless and touching and really capture the essence of real life. Like this photo of a dad helping with the birth of twins. This was voted Image of the Year by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. 

2. Skin to skin contact is super important for newborn babies. This baby’s mom passed her off to Dad for his turn and look how happy she is!

3. These dads had their skin to skin contact with the baby born from a surrogate mother in Kingston, Ontario. Frank Nelson and BJ Barone are clearly smitten.

4. Clearly, this dad is overwhelmed with emotion! This baby was literally just born and it looks like he’s still attached to his mom!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.19.36 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

5. This image shows the story of a mother and father who went through loss and persistence. The tattoo on this new dad’s chest was done after the miscarriage of his first child. Now, he finally is holding his daughter.

6. Three months before the birth of this baby, the dad was severely injured in an accident in Afghanistan. Although he couldn’t support his wife physically he found other ways to help. 

7. During this little girl’s birth, dad was growing more and more excited as he awaited his daughter’s arrival. When she took her first breath it certainly took his away!

8. This dad acted as emotional support and foot support for his wife! ‘I adore this image of my sweet husband,’ the mother wrote. ‘In the midst of pushing, I told him (strongly) Do not move! His head was the perfect resting spot for my foot.’

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.18.50 PM facebook

9. Some people think that parents can’t have tattoos. This picture will definitely prove them wrong! He looks absolutely overcome with joy.

10. The Instagram page @dontfrorgetdads captioned this sweet photo with: ‘because dads are born too, and magic happens in that moment.’

11. Apparently, this dad was crying so loudly that he could be heard down the hall. The couple had been wanting a baby for a really long time so it’s understandable.

And there you have it. 11 beautiful photos that truly capture the heartwarming moment of becoming a dad. You can see more pictures of dads on the Instagram page, @dontforgetdads.


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