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Dallas McCarver Dies At 26 After He Reportedly Choked On Food

Dallas McCarver, also known as ‘Big Country,’ was one of the exciting, up and coming young talents in the Mr. Olympia competition. At only 26 years old and topping out at over 330 pounds off season, many expected the young giant to climb the summit and win the competition that Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous. Just last year, he placed 8th on the world’s biggest bodybuilding stage. With his boulder shoulders, wide back, and sweeping quads, he built a world class physique in his short time as an IFBB pro.

But sadly, the American bodybuilder was found dead in his Florida home by fellow bodybuilder Joshua Lenartowicz. The 911 call reveals a frantic Josh saying: ‘there’s something in his throat. Every time I do mouth-to-mouth there’s like something in his throat I can’t get it out.’

Josh found Dallas in his home face down with blood on the floor. It had appeared that he had choked on a piece of food. The dispatcher coached Josh through chest compressions but Dallas was unable to be resuscitated. Josh tried to scoop the food out of Dallas’ mouth but he was unable to bring his friend back. Dallas had just spoken on the phone with his girlfriend, Dana Brooke of the WWE.

Earlier this year, Dallas nearly fainted on stage at the Arnold Classic due to an upper respiratory infection. His fellow competitors, as well as a stage manager, rushed onto the stage to prevent him from fainting and toppling over. Because of that incident, he decided to take a break and take time off the bodybuilding stage. He was hoping to spend the remainder of this year in preparation for next year’s Mr. Olympia. Dana claims that there is no indication of foul play and that Dallas had just completed a workout earlier that day. This comes just days after another famous bodybuilder, Rich Piana passed away.

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