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Daughter Lies To Parents About Where Her Lunch Is Going, And The Reason May Surprise You


Parents can’t know everything that’s going on with their kid at school, but usually, there isn’t much reason for concern. However, one couple became increasingly concerned when their daughter, who has always been a good student, started blatantly lying to them.

To try and figure out what was really going on with their daughter, the parents decided to ask a teacher for help. The teacher began to share her parents’ concern when she started to outright lie to him as well.

However, when the teacher eventually figured out what was going on with his student, he didn’t only share the moving reason with her parents, he shared the story online which has since gone viral.

Third-grade teacher, Mr. D, had always known Katie to be a terrific student if not an example for the rest of the class. This is why he was shocked when he found out she was in trouble with her parents.

“She worked hard, loved learning, did her homework, had concerned and active parents, was attentive and a risk taker,” Mr. D stated. “And she was never, ever a discipline problem.”

However, Mr. D received a phone call from Katie’s parents asking for his help. Her mother and father explained that she had not been given permission to buy snacks at school, but she was racking up a serious cafeteria bill.

Mr. D and Katie’s parents could not understand why Katie would be charging extra items in the cafeteria to her parents’ bill. They sent her off with a great homemade lunch every morning.

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