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Dad Forces Daughter To Have Hair Chopped After She Gets Highlights


The Daily Mail has reported that a mother has revealed heartbreaking photos of her daughter. The mother states that her daughter was forced to cut her hair after she had highlights done to it for her birthday.

The mother is Christin Johnson, from Ohio, and she posted the photos of her daughter on Facebook to let the world know. The first photo was of her daughter after she got highlights done to her hair this past Sunday.

The other pictures she posted were of her daughter the following Tuesday. One of the photos showed her daughter, Kelsey, burying her face in her hands with really short hair.

Christin says that Kelsey’s father, Schaffen Frederick, and her stepmom Sarah Murray ordered Kelsey to cut her hair. The reason was apparently a punishment for getting the highlights according to Haskins Police Chief Colby Carroll, Fox8 says.

daughter was forced to cut her hairFacebook

An investigation is currently being done by the police department as well as Wood County children’s services to deal with a possible child abuse complaint.

daughter was forced to cut her hair ESBProfessional/

Frederick and Murray are both volunteer firefighters and have both been put on a pending leave of absence until the investigation is completed, the fire chief stated, according to

daughter was forced to cut her hairFacebook

Since Christin shared her post on Facebook last week, it’s gone viral with over 33,000 reactions to it. It’s also been shared over 24,000 times so people can see how parenting shouldn’t be like.

daughter was forced to cut her hair L-astro/

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