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David Beckham Humiliates Son Brooklyn With Dad Jokes On Instagram

Parental love comes in many forms and sometimes that means a healthy dose of public humiliation. Brooklyn Beckham found this out the hard way after his dad decided to start adding some unsolicited commentary during his Instagram live stream to his followers.  

Soccer great David Beckham may be the epitome of cool to his massive fan base, but to Brooklyn, he’s still his dad. Despite being a part of one of Britain’s most famous families, the 17-year-old is still subject to the same cringe-worthy dad jokes we’ve all come to loathe, however, he has a significantly larger audience than just a couple of friends.


Brooklyn has started to make a name for himself ever since taking up modeling and photography. To connect with his 9 million followers on Instagram, Brooklyn decided to go live, which prompted fans to rampantly start commenting. Among those commenters was his dad, who took the opportunity to embrace some good-natured fatherly teasing.

With over 10,000 viewers tuned in to the live stream, David Beckham commented: “U should be at school.” As the comments continued to pour in from fans stroking Brooklyn’s ego, Beckham wasn’t quite done putting his son in place. “That’s my shirt,” David wrote just moments later.

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