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David Spade Dissed The Cash Me Ousside Girl With A Brutal Instagram Post


If you’re getting tired of reading about Danielle Bregoli, then you might want to avert your eyes now. But this story is pretty funny no matter whose side you’re on.

The instantly famous ‘Cash Me Ousside Girl’ became widely known after her appearance on the talk show Dr. Phil. Whether she’s famous for the meme, or simply for being a rambunctious and rebellious young girl it’s hard to say. But everyone seems to know who she is and some even have a strange desire to meet her.

This includes stars like Kodak Black who featured her in a music video. She’s also hung out with YouTube/Vine stars such as Lele Pons.

But the latest celebrity who got the chance to meet her posted a pretty controversial set of Instagram posts that have some people laughing, and others shaking their heads.

1. When David Spade from the Joe Dirt Franchise met and posted to Instagram about meeting Bregoli, he decided to dish out some salt. I guess he’s tired of certain people becoming famous and successful for no reason?

2. However, when you’re deciding to throw shade at the same little girl who dissed Dr. Phil to his face, you’re probably going to get some backlash. From both her, and her followers and fans.

3. Despite many people feeling that Bregoli is exhausting and spoiled, you can’t really deny the fact that she appears to have gained a bit of a fan base.

4. Before long, there will most likely be shirts dedicated to this girl’s famous line, and her fans and followers seem to be taking Bregoli’s side in this whole situation.

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