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Day Care Worker Arrested After She’s Caught On Camera Pushing 4-Year-Old Child Down Stairs


There are a number of expectations parents suspect will be met when they leave their children at a daycare center, including:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities,
  • Special care for each child,
  • Safety & security.

While all parents only assume that their child is getting the best care at their daycare center, parents of the Child Care of the Future in Pennsylvania were in for a disheartening discovery after surveillance footage revealed a disturbing incident.

52-year-old Sarah Gable was immediately fired and arrested after CCTV caught her pushing a young girl down a set of stairs.

Gable had been hired at Child Care of the Future a year ago and has reportedly worked in the daycare industry for 25 years. However, her career came to an end after a newly installed CCTV camera caught an assault on a 4-year-old girl.

Child Care of the FutureGoogle Street View

The footage shows the little girl approach the staircase when Gable suddenly comes from behind and aggressively shoves her down the flight of stairs.

CCTV footageYouTube / Your Opinion

After following the fallen girl down the stairs, Gable appeared to notice the new security camera and changed the dynamic between her and the child completely.

Gable proceeded to guide the little girl down the rest of the stairs delicately after she realizes that the incident had been caught on camera.

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