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Day Care Worker Arrested After She’s Caught On Camera Pushing 4-Year-Old Child Down Stairs


There are a number of expectations parents suspect will be met when they leave their children at a daycare center, including:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities,
  • Special care for each child,
  • Safety & security.

While all parents only assume that their child is getting the best care at their daycare center, parents of the Child Care of the Future in Pennsylvania were in for a disheartening discovery after surveillance footage revealed a disturbing incident.

52-year-old Sarah Gable was immediately fired and arrested after CCTV caught her pushing a young girl down a set of stairs.

Gable had been hired at Child Care of the Future a year ago and has reportedly worked in the daycare industry for 25 years. However, her career came to an end after a newly installed CCTV camera caught an assault on a 4-year-old girl.

Child Care of the FutureGoogle Street View

The footage shows the little girl approach the staircase when Gable suddenly comes from behind and aggressively shoves her down the flight of stairs.

CCTV footageYouTube / Your Opinion

After following the fallen girl down the stairs, Gable appeared to notice the new security camera and changed the dynamic between her and the child completely.

Gable proceeded to guide the little girl down the rest of the stairs delicately after she realizes that the incident had been caught on camera.

The little girl, Alayah Humphrey, reportedly hurt her knee from the forced fall and was shaken up by the incident, but returned to Child Care of the Future on the following Monday.

Gable was immediately fired after the manager at the child care facility, Shawayne Tavares, watched the incident unfold live on the camera and promptly confronted her.

“I was so upset. I had tears in my eyes,” Tavares told New York Daily News. “She picked up the shoe and tried to come to the end of the stairs like, ‘Oh, it was her shoe’ that caused her to fall. I’m like, ‘It’s not her shoe, I just watched you on camera do it.’”

Tavares contacted authorities and Gable was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, harassment and simple assault.

Humphrey’s family is being represented by Philadelphia lawyer Brian Fitz, who told ABC 6, “Alayah and her family are basically trying to pick up the pieces. This is a little girl who was filled with smiles, promise and innocence when she was dropped off there on March 3, and is not the same girl that came home.”

The news wasn’t only heartbreaking for Humphrey’s family, but also incredibly discouraging to the other parents who have had their children under the care of Sarah Gable.

One parent told New York Daily News he was shocked as Gable had always seemed caring, saying, “My little guy, she would greet him with a hug. So I always thought she was one of the best teachers. For us to hear this is very disheartening.”

Sarah Gable was freed on $25,000 secured bond and will have her first court date on March 16th as the investigation behind the incident continues.


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