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Dad And Son Die In Car Accident, Then Son Is Brought Back To Life And Says The Strangest Thing

Car accidents have unfortunately torn apart families all over the world. According to annual global road crash statistics, 1.3 million people die from car accidents each year, globally, with more than half of the deaths occurring among young adults. For most families, it leaves them with questions about God, and for others, with signs of God. A dead boy returned from an afterlife following a fatal car accident with his family and tells his mom all about what he had seen in heaven.

dead boy returns from afterlifeCBN

In the summer of 1997, couple Julie and Andy, along with their son Landon, were involved in a serious car accident on their way home from a family trip. Of all outcomes, it was an ambulance heading back to its station that had driven straight into them, upon crossing an intersection. The father had died on impact, while the mother was stabilized. Due to the wreckage, it took rescuers a while longer before they had realized there was another person in the car.

Rushing the young boy to Carolina’s Medical Center, he was resuscitated, before dying two more times that day. Both times, he was brought back to life, however, doctors didn’t give his mother much hope for any survival. Even so, they had told her that if he lived, due to the severe trauma, he would be much like an 8-year-old baby who would struggle to walk or eat on his own.

It was two weeks later, where a miracle was said to have taken place. Much to the shock of everyone around him, Landon opened his eyes, showing no signs of any brain damage. His mother wanted to inform him of what had happened, and asked him if he knew where his dad is. It was then where he replied, “Yes, I know where he is. I saw him in heaven.”

Upon his revealing response, he continued to add that not only did he see his father in heaven, but their family friends as well. Astonishingly, it didn’t end there. Landon had told his mother that he had seen her “other two children”, something he was never in his life informed about. The mother, Julie, had two miscarriages before him. He explained “I knew that they were my siblings even though no one had ever told me about them. Just being in Heaven, I guess you know—you know your own or you know who everyone is.”

During his experiences of dying and being brought to life, he saw different things, but in the final time, he says he had met Jesus, who gave him a mission to come back to Earth, be a good Christian, and inform others about him. This story helped his mother not lose faith, and keep the hope alive in her journey of grief.

Landon, several years older now, feels it is his duty to let people know. “I just want people to realize that Jesus is real, there is a heaven, there are angels, and to follow His word and the Bible and life does get better at the end,” Landon told CBN. Today, he shares his story with many, in hopes of others knowing that there is a God; an inspiring spark to those who question or wonder if there really is somebody watching over us up there.  

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