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10 Deadliest Water Park Accidents Ever


Water parks are supposed to be a great escape for families on a hot summer day, but sometimes accidents can happen. Fun filled splashing can quickly become fatal when something goes wrong, including:

  • Ride malfunctions,
  • Restraint problems,
  • Improper riding,
  • Freak accidents.

Safety is often the number one priority of any water park with each ride and attraction undergoing daily inspection before the park opens. However, even with meticulous maintenance, the unexpected can happen.

Here are 10 of the most deadliest water park accidents ever.

10. Oakwood Theme Park Hydro Accident. On what has been deemed as “Europe’s fastest and wettest” water ride, 16-year-old Hayley Williams ended up falling 100 ft to hear death after her seat guard wasn’t properly secured.

Williams’ family successfully sued the Pembrokeshire park and were awarded compensation as it was determined that park staff hadn’t properly maintained the seatbelts and guard rails.

9. Action Park Water Fatalities. This New Jersey park has been referred to as the most dangerous water park ever considering in less than a decade, the park was responsible for six fatalities.


The park had a notorious reputation for both the poor maintenance and incoherent staff. It was finally forced to close in 1996 after numerous drownings, a heart attack, an electrocution, and even an employee death from his Alpine Slide jumping off the track.


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