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‘Dear Liberal Snowflakes’ Poster Draws Laughter Online

Conservative group Turning Point USA recently released an ad featuring controversial pundit Tomi Lahren mocking “liberal snowflakes” with phrases like “Screaming doesn’t make you right” and “There are no ‘safe spaces’.” Unfortunately for the group, their tweet got a rather frosty reception on Twitter and was quickly turned into a meme mocking its creators.

TPUSA is a youth-focused conservative advocacy group with the motto “Big Government Sucks,” created by founder Charlie Kirk in 2012. The group has gained international prominence in recent weeks after their Kent State protest against “safe spaces” on campus. On November 13th, TPUSA tweeted an image of Lahren with several of their talking points on it, captioning the poster, “Excellent Advice For Leftists!”

Unfortunately for the group, Photoshop-savvy Twitter users started churning out parodies almost immediately, mocking what they saw as the poster’s hypocrisy. Twitter user @TinzRules started the rush with a version of the poster referencing conservatives’ recent protests against Keurig.

After Keurig pulled ads from conservative pundit Sean Hannity’s show after he appeared to defend alleged pedophile Roy Moore, fans of the show smashed their own Keurigs in protest. @TinzRules’ poster mocked participants in the “boycott” for their method of protest, as well as for their outrage over anti-pedophilia sentiment. The photoshopped version garnered 6,800 retweets, compared to the original’s 160.

Other Photoshopped versions of the poster mocked TPUSA for their recent Kent State protests, where members of the group dressed in adult diapers and sucked on soothers to protest “safe spaces” on college campuses. While Kirk told Breitbart News that the message of the protests was “consistent” with their opposition against “the safe space, micro-aggression, trigger warning culture that has been created on campuses,” many on Twitter were amused by the irony of a group that dressed up like babies mocking liberals for “screaming” and “crying.”

Some of the responses targeted Lahren herself, accusing her of embodying the entitlement mentality that the poster spoke out against. Lahren has drawn backlash from critics in the past when she mentioned that she was still receiving her parents’ healthcare benefits, and for the fact that she got her first job working for her mother. Others claimed that it was hypocritical of Lahren to criticize liberals for “screaming,” given her own tone on current issues.

After the avalanche of negative feedback, TPUSA deleted the tweet. Unfortunately for the group, the event became a “Moment” on Twitter, preserving the responses for posterity.

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