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The First Trailer For ‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Is Out


For those who remember the original Deep Blue Sea movie from 1999, the sequel, Deep Blue Sea 2 trailer has just been released. The original starred Samuel Jackson and some very intelligent sharks.

Deep Blue Sea 2 is set to have a similar plot, only this time the sharks are even smarter. Get ready to sink your jaws into a long-awaited return of the kings of the ocean!

The sequel will have a new star since Samuel Jackson dies in the original (spoiler). Danielle Savre plays a shark conservationist, Dr. Misty Calhoun who is concerned about experiments being done on bull sharks.

Carl Durant plays Michael Beach, a billionaire who’s convinced that he can control the sharks. But as you can expect, this does not go according to plan.

Deep Blue Sea 2 MartinProchazkacz/

The sharks fail to obey Beach, and of course, they break free and go on a killing rampage. Some people never learn. These are no ordinary sharks. Beach made them full of teeth and muscles. In my opinion, they seem like normal sharks, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Deep Blue Sea 2

One thing we can expect is some great underwater shots, sudden scares that will make you jump and a lot of gory shark bites.

Deep Blue Sea 2 katatonia82/

The one thing I was skeptical about was if the movie would be closer to the original. With the use of CGI and other advancements, I’m going to say no. This will feel like more of a remake in my opinion.

Deep Blue Sea 2

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