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20+ Designers Who Need A Day Off…Or A New Profession

We all have experiences when dealing with flawed or ridiculous design fails. Some of us, however, stumble upon some design fails that are so hilariously epic, we can’t help but take pictures of them and post them online.

There are always occasions where a unique design is required to handle something like a confined space, or a design on an oddly shaped box, or perhaps even a homemade present for your wife and kids. The bottom line is that if it doesn’t look good, chances are you should have rethought your decision. Other times, designers who work day and night on their work sometimes lose sight of all rhyme or reason.

They end up designing the wackiest things or making the strangest creative choices possible. The greatest example is always the ones that stick out the most in our memory. Staircases to nowhere, toilets without privacy, electrical sockets right next to bathtubs. The world is filled with these design fails. The following 20+ designers need a day off, or perhaps even a new profession.

1) Worst Bus Stop Ever: This design almost seems like a cruel joke but unfortunately this is far from the truth. This bus stop was designed with a large hole in the window directly over the only benches available. When it rains, you have to stand up and wait elsewhere. It seems absurd…and well…it is. Imagine waiting at this stop during a thunderstorm? You’d be absolutely drenched. Perhaps this designer was simply out to lunch when this project was drawn out on paper. At least it looks pretty, which, unfortunately, should not always be the case.

2) This Ridiculous Hallway: Perhaps the designer of this hallway thought it would be a unique way to keep people interested while walking down it. But what about a couch delivery? Or a large bed box spring? This seems more like an architectural nightmare than it does an efficient use of space. Not to mention you’ll always be worried about bumping into someone hiding around one of the corners. This is also a colossal waste of materials. Why build a zigzag hallway when a straight line would do? Everything about these design choices is downright confusing.

3) Floral Women’s Shorts: This unfortunate women’s shorts design features a couple red flowers in a very OBVIOUS location. Maybe the designer thought this was a sick joke, or perhaps they were just completely unaware of how ridiculous the placement of these red flowers would be. If you want to let everyone know it’s your time of the month, perhaps slap on a pair of these bad boys. Nothing says fashion like menstrual accident speculation.

4) Bizarre Toilet Paper Placement: Whoever built this cabinet, did so without consideration of where the toilet paper roll would be placed. Instead of finding a new home for the toilet paper, they simply left it where it was. Now if you’re in search of toilet paper, you need to lean over, open the cabinet, and reach inside to grab a few strands of the stuff to wipe away your business. Seems like way more effort than it’s actually worth, not to mention the confusion you’d have in explaining to your guests they have to “find” the toilet paper.


5) Happy New Year: These New Years Eve glasses celebrate a new year of 20107…or is that 20170? Either way, these glasses are a complete design fail. They attempted to make these look like 2017 new years eve glasses, but they just look like you’re some kind of bizarre time traveler. Here’s to the year 20108!

6) Mural Fail: Leave it to the French to confuse us all about bathroom placement. This “Toilette” mural features a man and a woman walking down the toward the beach. Unfortunately, the pictures on the stalls say otherwise. Hopefully, these are single washroom so the placement shouldn’t really matter. Also, why is it always that women’s washrooms have change tables? Men can change diapers too!

7) A “Duck”: This duck design might not seem strange at a first glance. However, the last time we checked, ducks didn’t have 4 furry legs. They have flat orange or black feet! What on earth is this creature then? Looks like something that crawled out of nuclear radiation and managed to evolve into something much stranger than we ever imagined.

8) Mouse Nutcrackers: Something smells a bit fishy with these nutcracker mice. Can’t figure it out? Pay close attention to the mouth and nose. Notice anything else odd? No? Well, let us tell you. THESE MICE HAVE TWO NOSES! Seriously, what on earth is going on here? Did nobody realize that a large wooden bobble was glued to the front of it to resemble a nose? Why then did the designer paint on a nose with a mouth? We’re all so very confused.


9) Unfortunate Face Placement: At first this advertisement for a French “Yves Levesque” seemed like a good idea at the time, however, rolling down car windows was not considered. These people cracked the window open a bit during the summer months to let the hot air out of the car. However, in doing so they turned Yves Levesque into a derpy derp! Oh well.

10) These Terrible Stairs: Whoever decided this pattern of carpet was a great idea has clearly never used stairs before in their lives. Who on earth thought this was a good decision? This design fail features a pattern so vertigo-inducing, you cannot define one stair landing from another. This is just an accident waiting to happen.

11) Menstrual Floatation Device: No, this isn’t a pad for a giant. This is, unfortunately, a floatation device. Nothing says summer fun like floating around on a maxi-pad. The person who designed this is obviously a man who’s never taken a look at feminine hygiene products a single day in his life. The only thing missing here is some ‘water wings.’ Good grief!


12) Safety First: This design fail is not only ridiculous, it’s also dangerous. This is apparently a “bike path” next to a busy bridge. There’s a nice guard rail for the cars, but absolutely nothing for bikers or pedestrians. Imagine one slip and you fall to your doom? All because you decided to take your bike to work that day. This is absolutely 100% ridiculous.

13) Derp-Wipes: Whoever designed this box of sanitary wipes did not intend for this graphic to wrap around the border like this. Now this young model who thought she was getting the job of a lifetime, suddenly looks like she stuck her nose and face on a glass window. It looks like they’ve been smudged to the point of ridiculousness. Sanitary Wipe Fail!


14) Anti-Inspiration Mat: This yoga mat isn’t quite what it was hoping to be. Rather than an inspiring message, this yoga mat appears to say “Nothing is Possible” with a hint of irony or sunny sarcasm. Unfortunately, the graphic used in the background was not quite printed properly, blotting on the “IM” in “IMPOSSIBLE.” 10/10 would still buy and use this hilarious mat.

15) Dr. Thomas Evans’ Secret: Here’s Dr. Thomas Evans, entrepreneur extraordinaire featured in the Summer 2017 issue of Word Magazine. If you look closely at this design, however, you might notice something bizarre going on with Dr. Thomas Evans’ hands. Perhaps we can all be as successful and productive as Dr. Evans if we all had FOUR ARMS.

16) Cinder-Hella: This demonic looking giraffe creature is actually supposed to be Cinderella. Unfortunately, manufacturers underestimated the design to the length of fabric, and her neck ends up looking unnaturally long. Like, demonically long. We don’t know about you, but we sure as heck aren’t strapping any children to this evil terror-seat.

17) These Pillows: Whoever thought this was a good idea surely hadn’t taken into account size requirements for these pillows to get made. The faces here are completely out of proportion, not to mention the hair is cut off from both children. They look like bizarre alien mutant creatures rather than adorable children. There’s nothing cuddly about this. Let’s add it to this list of terrifying design fails.

18) Shleperman: The paint job on this Superman action figure Christmas tree ornament looks far less like Henry Cavill, and more like a depressed and apathetic sheep. Did the designers even try? Perhaps they designed this ornament in their own likeness. Apathetic, lifeless, and chronic. Also, why on earth does this awful design cost $8.00!?

19) Copper Pipe Fail: This is one of those design fails that not only looks ridiculous, it is also potentially dangerous. Hot water when forced through a hole of this size has the potential to spring a hazardous leak that might injure a person nearby. This is poor craftsmanship that would make any professional contractor groan with anger. What an awful, terrible job.

20) A Is For Abnormality: Why on earth would this person design a model to fit inside the letter A? She looks like some kind of crazy mutant puppet like you’d see on Sesame Street, only with a human head. This isn’t graphic design. It’s terror-inducing horror art. We see nothing normal about this design whatsoever. One can only wonder what the rest of the letters of in alphabet look like.  

21) One Direction Socks: Oh man. These ONE DIRECTION socks went in the WRONG DIRECTION. After you put them on, Harry Styles looks more like Derpy Dyles. Surely the person designing these would know that his face would get warped like that when the sock is pulled onto the foot. He looks like some kind of human version of a frog. This is just terrible. Totally one of the biggest fashion design fails.


22) Friendly Urinals: Everybody knows that guys enjoy leaving large gaps between each other when they go to take a leak in the bathroom. You should always try and leave one urinal in-between if you can out of courtesy. So what on earth was this person thinking when they designed these urinals? You’d have to literally be touching each other while relieving yourself. I mean, maybe that’s the designer’s thing and to each their own. But still, this plumbing job is a total head-scratcher. This isn’t nearly as bad though as those toilet design fails where you can hold hands with the other person while you go boom-boom.


23) Poland Globes: The only country in the world is Poland. No other place around the globe exists other than Poland. Poland is the center of the universe. All hail Poland! Seriously, what was this person thinking when they designed this globe? At least we have a normally designed globe next to it to understand that there are other countries in the world other than Poland.

24) Anti-Barking Device: This magical device has the ability to transform your dog into a completely different breed! This is one of the biggest design fails ever. Take this example: One bark and your Rottweiler will instantly transform into a Doberman! Voila! Just like that! Also, how on earth would a device like this even work? We feel like it would just make your dog bark more. Oh well. 

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