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10-Year-Old Created Device To Prevent Infants From Dying In Hot Cars

In a recent report by a meteorologist it was stated that since 1998, over 712 children in the U.S have died from heatstroke after being left in a hot vehicle.

Each year, you hear the warnings as summer approaches: friendly reminders not to leave your children or your pets in the car. But year after year it continues to happen.

A ten-year-old from Texas took action after his neighbor’s 6-month-old baby passed away due to heatstroke. Bishop Curry invented a wonderful gadget that could save the lives of young children who are accidentally left in hot cars.

The device is called “the Oasis.” It’s a square, palm-sized device that would react to the temperature in the car and immediately blow out cool air when it gets too hot. The Oasis is also equipped with an automatic emergency call button that will alert authorities and parents to the fact that their child is still in the car.

Curry said he spent his summer holidays coming up with the prototype and he’s finally submitted a patent for the idea. “I got lots of help from my parents,” Curry said. The family has a number of manufacturers lined up to build the device. Curry’s father even started up a crowdfunding campaign to help further the development process.

The Go-Fund-Me page has already exceeded the $20,000 minimum budget advised to them by several attorneys. As of today (June 22, 2017), Curry’s fundraiser is at $29,201. This is an amazing feat for a young boy whose only on his way to the sixth grade.

As an older brother to a one-year-old little sister, Curry says that he never wants to hear of a baby dying in a hot car again. His father states that his son is “fascinated with making things.” Curry told NBC that it would be a dream to save lives.

So far, it seems like Bishop Curry is on his way to making his dream come true!

Bishop3Bishop Curry IV

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