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Did You Ever Notice These 10 Disney Easter Eggs?


Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with a classic Disney or Pixar film? Whether you grew up loving them or have come to discover them through recent releases, it’s safe to say that there’s one for everyone. Whether your favorite is

  • Mulan,
  • Toy Story,
  • The Little Mermaid.

These animated classics have been lighting up the screens for almost a century. People who have been long term fans  probably know that Disney often includes Easter eggs that usually reference prior or future films. Recurring cameos such as the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story and Luxo Jr. are some examples. 

Some Easter eggs are easy to spot and are quite well known, whereas there are others that people have gone years without noticing before! Here is a list of the top 10 Disney and Pixar Easter eggs you may not have spotted yet.

1. Finding Nemo: Even though a lot of this film takes place underwater, the creators found clever ways for the fish to interact with humans. One way involves Nemo spending some time in a dentist’s office. In a scene where a little boy is seen in the waiting room, he is reading a magazine with Mr. Incredible on the cover.

Could this be a sign that the superheroes exist in the Finding Nemo universe as well? In the same office, a Buzz Lightyear toy can be seen on the ground near a toy box. Is there something bigger going on here or are these just clever cameos.

2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: This older Disney classic from 1996 takes place generally all in the same location, but Disney still found a way to squeeze in some cameos. These ones are a bit harder to spot, but if you look closely during the opening scene you’ll be able to see a vendor selling Aladdin’s rug. 

You’ll also spot Belle walking through the streets reading a book. While this may seem like a random appearance, it’s not to be forgotten that both films take place in France. Perhaps Belle really was wondering the streets around the Notre Dame Cathedral.

3. The Little Mermaid: Disney is a huge fan of including references to other films which leads people to believe that certain films could be connected. In the concert scene in The Little Mermaid there are a few audience members that you may recognize! For starters, you can spot Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy, huddled together watching the show in the bottom left corner.

But what you may not have known is that a few rows away from them you can spot Kermit the Frog among the crowd as well!

4. Luxo Jr.: Most people are familiar with the adorable lamp that originated in one of Pixar’s earlier shorts. He’s now featured as the Pixar mascot. You may be familiar with him appearing before the opening of your favorite Pixar/Disney movies.

However, Luxo Jr. has also made some other clever cameos in films and one of the best ones was his appearance in Toy Story 2. During a scene in which Buzz Lightyear is within a video game, he flies back to earth and Luxo can be seen as a constellation of stars in the dark sky.

5. The Number 95: Toy Story is clearly riddled with references and Easter eggs, possibly more so than other Disney and Pixar films. Such as this scene during Toy Story 3 in which the toys are riding a train, the number 95 can be seen painted on the side and front of the locomotive.

This can be seen as both a reference to Lightning McQueen’s number in Cars as well as a nod to 1995 which was the year the first Toy Story film was released.

6. Tires: If there was a reference to Cars in Toy Story then obviously the favor needed to be returned. During a race sequence called ‘The Piston Cup’ the cars all feature a brand of tires that holds a name similar to Goodyear, but is clearly a nod to one of our favorite characters from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear.

This can be seen as both a Toy Story Easter egg and also another small clue that perhaps all of these movies coexist in one universe.

7. A113: What may seem like a secret code to unlock a hidden meaning comes in the recurring mentioning of the number A113. This ‘code’ has been seen in several TV shows and films including everything from the Toy Story trilogy to WALL-E.

The number has appeared dozens of times throughout the years and it created several questions among Disney and Pixar fans. The big secret behind it is that it’s actually an inside joke between alumni of the California Institute of Arts. The number refers to a classroom that was used by students such as John Lasseter and Brad Bird. It’s displayed in almost every Pixar/Disney film and is actually mentioned verbally in The Incredibles.

8. Forgotten Films: Sometimes, rather than including an Easter egg to an already existing film, Disney and Pixar sometimes include references to films that have yet to come out. However in this case, it’s for a movie that never ended up getting released. Newt was referenced in two films, once in the form of a ‘Newt Crossing’ sticker on Andy’s bedroom door.

And in Brave the witch can be seen holding up a newt when she’s making her spell. Who knows, perhaps one day Newt will be taken off the shelf and we’ll be able to appreciate these references even more.

9. Lilo and Stitch: Everyone loves the classic tale of friendship and family. This fun action packed film features all sorts of references to the real world including several tributes to Elvis Presley. But did you know there’s someone else who’s being featured? Check out the poster on Nani’s wall in the background. It’s a Mulan Easter egg!

In another scene of the film when Lilo and Nani are walking through town, they pass by a restaurant named Mulan Wok which is clearly another tribute to the Chinese heroine.

10. Good Luck Charm: You may hear a familiar voice when you watch Disney/Pixar films and that’s because there is one voice actor who has been included in every single production. John Ratzenberger, who is best known for his role in Cheers, has voiced several characters for Disney/Pixar over the years including Hamm from Toy Story and Mac from Cars. 

John is seen as a good luck charm and will most likely continue to be featured in Disney/Pixar films moving forward.


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