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Did You Ever Notice These 10 Disney Easter Eggs?

3. The Little Mermaid: Disney is a huge fan of including references to other films which leads people to believe that certain films could be connected. In the concert scene in The Little Mermaid there are a few audience members that you may recognize! For starters, you can spot Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy, huddled together watching the show in the bottom left corner.

But what you may not have known is that a few rows away from them you can spot Kermit the Frog among the crowd as well!

4. Luxo Jr.: Most people are familiar with the adorable lamp that originated in one of Pixar’s earlier shorts. He’s now featured as the Pixar mascot. You may be familiar with him appearing before the opening of your favorite Pixar/Disney movies.

However, Luxo Jr. has also made some other clever cameos in films and one of the best ones was his appearance in Toy Story 2. During a scene in which Buzz Lightyear is within a video game, he flies back to earth and Luxo can be seen as a constellation of stars in the dark sky.

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