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Mom Says Disabled Son Was Beaten After Teacher Failed To Stop Bully


An upset mother is claiming that her disabled son was brutally beaten up at school after a teacher failed to stop kids from bullying him.

On January 25th, Valerie Ann Lozano sent her son off to Resnik Middle School like she does each day. But this day was much different. She says that another boy told her son during PE class he was going to beat him up after school.

According to the Daily Mail, Lozano says that her son told the PE teacher about the threat and the teacher said not to worry, he had his back. Lozano later posted on Facebook that the teacher’s help never arrived, and her son was brutally beaten the same day.

According to KSAT, Lozano said that her son suffers from disabilities and also has anxiety and depression.

disabled son kenary820/

According to WFAA, Lozano said that since the incident, her son has been unable to sleep at all. The images that were posted by Lozano are gruesome and show the aftermath of the incident.

disabled son

Lozano told KENS 5 that she had a meeting with the school principal the following day, but the PE coach never took part despite being summoned to the office.

disabled son

The school district has been contacted various times by Lozano, but they have not returned any of her calls. She is urging people to continue sharing her post so something can be done about this incident. Bullying is a national crisis and can affect anyone at any age.

disabled son

Her images have been shared over 200,000 times, and KSAT, a local news radio station even picked them up. The station decided to take action and contact the school district to try and get some information.


The school district gave them a statement which said: “On Thursday, January 25, around 3 p.m., two students engaged in a mutual altercation that was immediately stopped by a police officer.”


They also told the radio station that Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prevents them from disclosing any disciplinary actions against students. What they did say is that both parties did comply with the officer’s directions.

They concluded by stating that the investigation is still in the beginning phases and they are getting statements from all students and teachers who could be involved. All I can say is that I hope justice is served because bullying should never be taken lightly!



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