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Artists Reimagine Disney Animals As Humans


Disney has a place in each of our childhoods. They have taught us all lessons about being kind to others, standing up for what you believe in and to not talk to creepy witches in the forest. Their classics have stood the test of time and are still shown to children every day. Some of the best were made long before many of us were even born:

  • Peter Pan (1953)
  • The Jungle Book (1967)
  • Robin Hood (1973)

For every generation, there were Disney classics. Usually with some sort of animal theme, they represented the people we would have to deal with every day of our lives. What would those animals look like if they were people? Two artists have the answer.

Alaina Bastian and an artist known as Pugletto have both taken it upon themselves to reveal what Disney animals would look like if they were human, and the results are perfect. See for yourself. 

1. Lady and the Tramp (1955) – The artist has that wink down pat! Lady is looking up at the Tramp with the same sort of reserved affection.

2. The Aristocats (1970) – Duchess kind of looks like Eva Gabor here, which would make sense since that’s who voiced her!

3. The Lion King (1994) – The touch of the slightly sharpened fang is great, adding to Simba’s expressive look.

4. The Jungle Book (1967) – Baloo still looks like the best friend a guy could ever have. “Knucks Bagheera!”

5. Bolt (2008) – Even computer-animated features are included, like this one from Bolt. I think I knew that kid in high school – wait, I was that kid in high school.

6. Oliver & Company (1988) – This is a personal favorite for me. Oliver was a big part of my childhood, and that kid is the perfect representation of that little cat.

 7. Tarzan (1999) – Wayne Knight and Rosie O’Donnell are exactly who I want to grow up with in the jungle. Is that weird?

8. The Lion King (1994) – Somehow the hyenas are even more terrifying when they’ve been humanized. Ed looks particularly insane, instead of just stupid.

9. The Lion King (1994) – Another interpretation of Simba, this time with more face paint. It’s interesting that both artists came to almost the same conclusion about his human-self.

10. The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998) – In the way underrated sequel to the classic, Kovu is the green-eyed rogue from another pride that followed Scar. They nailed his appearance as a human.

 11. The Jungle Book (1967) – Another interpretation of Baloo and Bagheera, this time right after the big bear has gotten a black eye. Gosh I want to watch The Jungle Book again.

12. The Aristocats (1970) – It’s interesting how both artists chose many of the same films to work on. Here’s another interpretation of Duchess and Thomas, with some slight differences.

13. Lady and the Tramp (1955) – I love this version of Lady and the Tramp, with her dressed in the color from her collar. Looks like it could be a broadway show.

14. The Lion King (1994) – Poor Zazu. Gets no respect even in human form. Those feathers make him look pretty important though, much more than they do as a real bird.

15. Various – The various horses that appear among humans in movies like Cinderella and Hercules also need some love. They all seem to have quite long faces, but are otherwise perfect representations.

16. Frozen (2013) – They even did a backwards attempt, turning Elsa into a snowy white dog. I wonder…can dogs build snowmen?


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