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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Queens In Their Happily Ever Afters

If you grew up watching Disney movies (and to be honest, who didn’t grow up watching Disney movies?) then you probably remember all the Disney princesses (and princes!) you looked up to as a kid.

A costume designer and photographer recently collaborated to reimagine Disney princesses as powerful and majestic Queens, and the photos are absolutely magical.

If you’re a lover of all things Disney, photography, magic and of course…princesses, you will love the stunning reimagination of what Disney princesses would look like as the queens we all know them to be.

From Snow White to Cinderella to Mulan, this dynamic duo did it all. You’ll love what they came up with.

What’s even more special about the shoot is that the women posing as older versions of their princess characters are the real-life mothers (or mothers-in-law) of the models posing as the princesses.

princess01Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

One of the two brilliant minds in question is Nephi Garcia, a costume designer known as Designer Daddy.

The man behind the lens who is responsible for the beautiful photos is professional photographer Tony Ross.

The duo came together and came up with an epic idea for a reimagined Disney shoot which originally started as a Mother’s Day idea.

Garcia told The Huffington Post that he had originally created the gowns as a tribute to mothers on Mother’s Day. He also admitted that it took some time to convince the mothers to get involved with the shoot.

“They were definitely hesitant in the beginning, but as they saw themselves evolve into these amazing iconic queens, they got right into character,” Garcia told the Huffington Post.

In the first picture of the shoot, model Amber Arden poses as a beautiful Snow White

princess07Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Next, we have a reimagined Snow White, posing as an older version of the princess. The model posing for this photo is Amber Arden’s own mother-in-law, Bonnie.

princess08Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Next, we have beautiful model Traci Hines posing as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Fresh out of the water, everything about this photo is beautiful and magical.

princess09 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Traci’s own mom, Elizabeth Oden, posed as an older version of Ariel, and she’s absolutely stunning.

princess10 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Model Bethanie Garcia poses as a young and beautiful Belle, wearing a long and flowing golden dress. Bethanie is no stranger to all things Disney. She is Nephia Garcia’s wife, and her Instagram is full of adorable, Disney-themed pictures. The couple has two boys and a little girl.

princess11 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Bethanie’s mother, Linda Wadley, poses as an older, more regal version of Belle.

princess12 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

The beautiful Lexi Mae Walker poses gracefully as Cinderella, glass slipper in hand and all. The behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot (which you can find on Lexi’s Instagram, @leximaewalker), shows her prancing and twirling around like the princess we all know Cinderella to be.

princess13 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Lexi’s mom Lisa Walker posed as the Queen version of Cinderella’s younger self. If I can look half as good at that age, I’ll be happy.

princess14 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Model Leslie Nhan poses as a young Mulan getting ready to chop off her hair.

princess15 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia

Leslie’s mom Chi Huynh poses as an older Mulan, and it’s everything we wanted and more. What do you think of the photos? Who would you want to pose as if you were to be chosen for a Disney-themed photoshoot?

princess16 Tony Ross/Nephi Garcia


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