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Pics Show How Disney World Was Hit By Hurricane Irma

Disney World has taken a bit of a beating after Hurricane Irma blew through Florida this past weekend. Thankfully the park has, for the most part, survived and the damage wasn’t severe. Although it’s going to take a very large cleanup crew to get the entire park in order before reopening it to their guests.

The hurricane hit the park and caused the power to cut and some destruction including the uprooting of trees, broken signs, and damage to the buildings. The park was closed on September 10 and 11 after a state of emergency was announced in Florida.

Disney also announced the park’s closure on its official Twitter account and asked people to prioritize their security by “observing local curfews” and remaining in their rooms.

With the hurricane being downgraded to a tropical depression as it calmed overnight, Disney World announced the reopening of the park on the 12th, though they are keeping the water parks closed until further notice. In their statement they’ve said, “All Disney Resorts have resumed normal operation, with the exception of Fort Wilderness Campground and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villas.”

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