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Assailant Orders Woman To Call Her Boyfriend. 911 Dispatcher Picks Up The Phone And Plays Along

Deonte Smith is a 911 dispatcher in Clayton County, Georgia. As a 911 dispatcher he receives all sorts of phone calls every day, and recently encountered one of the oddest phone calls he has ever experienced.

Smith received a phone call from a woman who acted as if Smith was her boyfriend. The woman was being attacked by a man who forced her to call her boyfriend so that he could listen to her being attacked. The victim instead called 911. Smith quickly caught on, and played along with the victim. He tried to convince the attacker to leave his “girlfriend” alone, while at the same time quickly finding the location of the woman to dispatch the police.


“[It was] the most extreme call of my career. I have a daughter, I have a sister, and I have a mom. It’s difficult, it really is. I was really upset,” Smith said.

Luckily, the police arrived while the suspect was still assaulting the woman. The suspect, Robert Timothy Giles, has been arrested for false imprisonment, rape, and obstruction of justice. “I’m glad I was there to help her. I really can’t say it enough. She saved her own life with her quick thinking,” Smith continued.

deonte smithYouTube/Fox5

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