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Divorce Lawyers Reveal The Signs That A Marriage Won’t Last


When two people get married, the ultimate goal is to stay happy together for the rest of their lives. However, people change over time and this can sometimes lead to relationships falling apart and couples deciding to go their own way.

Nobody really wants this to happen, but sometimes it’s for the best. Divorce lawyers know a lot of things about marriage. They can even tell the signs when a marriage is heading south.

Here are 15 signs that may suggest that a marriage isn’t going to last.

1. The Silent Treatment: Divorce coach and attorney Jason Levoy says that the silent treatment is a sign of a breakdown in marriage. Although fights are healthy in a relationship the bond will suffer if it goes from playful to serious.

2. Wall Building: When you resort to the silent treatment, you end up building a wall which will get bigger over time. It’s important to resolve the issue after a fight instead of tucking it under the rug. If you find it hard to speak in person, try writing a letter or an email to organize your thoughts maturely.

3. In the Bedroom: Randall M. Kessler, an attorney in Atlanta, says that if a couple is struggling to connect under the covers it can affect the marriage.

4. No Connection: Kessler explains that although there are couples that can last without bedroom time, it doesn’t come as a shock to him when clients say it’s been several years since any connection has happened.


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